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    Anyone's season card not working today?

    In the cup scheme....ticket paid for but card not working when I got to the turnstile!...steward put it through his card reader and it says ticket purchased. Anyone else had any issues? I did get a strange email yesterday thanking me for my purchase.....with my same seat number underneath saying...
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    No charge for rojo stamp on hazard

    FA are an absolute joke. Apparently not being charged as the ref said he seen the, Sunday is gonna be fun then eh with the clown reffing us. Hope he remembers to put his contact lenses in!
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    Danny Murphy's man of the match!

    Billing fer Huddersfield.....ha ha ha fuck off! BBC piss taking again.
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    Fri/Sat night champs league games

    Rumours they're talking about having champions league matches on Friday and Saturday nights. No details it just said on talkshite....think it's on the back page of the mirror tomorrow, more details at 22:00.
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    website with hi res images.

    anyone know of any sites with high res images of bands/city pics and such like? I'm thinking of doing my own print to canvas for a few crimbo presents but all the images I get off google image search are showing as poor quality images when I upload them onto a site for printing to canvas. Anyone...
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    very rude gullit!!

    anyone else hear him swearing it up on ssnews just then?.....saying chelsea tried to 'fuck him off in the summer' (torres)...ha ha made me laugh how that got through!!
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    anybody else excited?

    about tevez fuckin off I mean.....gutted we're losing a top notch player but we now have the excitement of seeing who were gonna sign to replace him.....we'll surely be seeing a massive signing heading our way to replace tevez (and no john Barnes hasn't come out of retirement) that we wouldn't...
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    sky sports news

    not exactly got their finger on the pulse have they....currently showing clips of what tevez said on that argentinian chat show (the bad bits I might add) from about a fuckin week ago! pissed me off the other day when reading the city sky text page which took all the negative quotes out of the...
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    lescott better than kompany (merged)

    according to tony gayle on it april the 1st, he wasn't wearing a red nose and massive shoes when he said it either.
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    santa cruz stumps ssnews

    that swanson twat is speaking to roque on the fone and asked him is tevez happy at city and roque said 'yeh he is as you can tell by the footy he's playing at the moment'...cue silence from swanson.....what a prick, he then went on diggin askin is he at all homesick. nice1 roque for puttin the...
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    right back.....can we get a poll for this now?

    so far the majority seem to agree on hart in net so who's gonna be right back? richards, boateng, zabba, kolo, ned????....who we having then i'd go with boateng personally although if we had a better option at right back(maicon/alves) i'd then stick big jerome in the centre of defence where i...
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    pre season friendlies

    anyone know if the official site are gonna show em free again like last year?
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