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    Table Names

    getting married later in the year and the mrs has decided rather than just numbering the tables 1 thru to 10 were going to give them names so far the table names I have are Aguerooooooo We go again 2019 Never In My Lifetime Might As Well Be Celtic Bluemoon Thoughts for others nothing sweary...
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    Ipad Login

    Currently using my lads laptop as my hard disk has failed Anyway using my ipad but there is no where to log in can you advise
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    Swamp stadium plan

    I had a stadium layout of the swamp which was bastardised and had things on it like London section Chineese section etc I had a copy but cant find it on my pc Long story but going to the derby on Monday with a life long rag whom lives 230 miles North and on a piss take Sorry i cant be more...
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    Friday Afternoon

    Driving down Alan turing way on Friday circa 1.30 in the afternoon ish and there was a horse drawn funeral carraige horses decked out with white and blue plumes and a few Man City scarfs / flags attached to the horses bridle and harness Any one else see it and know whom it was Told the misses...
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    Carling Cup Games

    Stupid Question i know but is the CC game on the 24th agaonst Villa likely to go ahead? Fixture list is currently showing Le Arse on the 23rd Septwmber surely we wont play two games in two days?
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    DJ - Sneijfer Swop

    DJ is rumoured to be stalling on a new cntract and lots of reports about Sneijder - possible swop deal personally i would be all for it on the basis that DJ wont sign a new contract Thoughts good or bad? For me (fitness depending) he would be a very decent addition and give us a midfield...
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    How Do You Post Pictures

    Got a crackin Ballo picture but dont know how to post it
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    Beckham (disrespect) {merged}

    is at the ground tomoorow could be a fun
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    Tony Book Buzzer King Colin Bernard Almost in tears speaking to Tony B - fookin brill day
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    Monday Night Football

    Just watching it now - got feckin rat boy as one of the presenters absolutely killing it - what a feckin piss poor presenter
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    Thought he did well when he came on - has got some shit from some on here recently and when played in his best position looks twice the player - definately want to see him and Barry rotated more - his passing seems to be a little crisoer and he seems to get aroiund the pitch a little faster...
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    Summer Spending

    Looks like Bobby will have an uber large war chest this summer Tevez Ade Santa Cruz Given Bridge Onuoha Viera Weiss Bellamy Caicedo got to be at least 70 - 80 million there in transfer fees and wages - hope we spend it wisely
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    Maybe just maybe

    I may see my beloved City in the CL - something i never ever thought we would ever achieve - tonite was dire i thougt but rags - Chelski and Arse have been winning these games for the last 20 years or so Well done to all
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    In Tears

    That is all
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    PFA Nominations

    Charlie Adams Tevez Scott Parker Gareth Bale Nasri Vidic
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    Were Taking The Poznan To Wembley

    sung to the tune of Were having a party when Fergie dies Would be awesome.
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    Reflection On Yersterday Game

    £3.50 for a pastie Left mee fookin coat at home only a tee shirt fookin freezin second half Hugged some poor teenage lad next to me when we scored - think he shit it Atmosphere excellent We won Having a quick chat with Paul Power (fookin top bloke) Singing Wemberleeeeee down the spirals Every...
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    C'mon U Spuds

    Needs these yids to win tonite - want them in the Chumps LEague for as long as we are in the Europa and FA cups otherwise they may be fresher in last few games
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    Please what the fook have we done to deserve that sub
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    Just In Case

    Amybody misses it but David Beckham trained with Spurd today - his traiing number is 77 triffic absolutely triffic Had to turnsky off at 11ish really could not take it anymore
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