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    David Silva AMA on Reddit 17:00 Today

    Doing an AMA at 5 this afternoon Thought it deserved its own thread. Reddit soccer full of yank Liverpool and spurs supporters but there's some decent posters on there. It's been posted to r/Mcfc but I thought it should be shared here so we can get in there and ask relevant questions about...
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    Glossop Travel?

    Wife and I just moved to Glossop. Saw there used to be a coach that went from the Corner Cupboard in a thread from a few years ago but haven't seen anything recent or been able to find a supporters club. Anyone run coaches or minibuses to aways (thinking of Wembley for the final specifically)...
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    Ticketing Error

    If this has happened to anyone before, maybe you can give me some advice on how to get this resolved. I tried to purchase a Southampton ticket online today and the website declined my card. In my frantic efforts to get a ticket, I tried a few times because I'm a fucking idiot. Anyway, I...
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    Joleon Lescott

    Do not merge this. Not about the match tonight, as brilliant as he was AGAIN. WHY is he never mentioned in England discussions? He is better than Cahill and terry.n better than ferdinand. He is an important component in the best centre defensive partnership in the league. I would wager that...
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    Small World

    Disclaimer; Brief back story imminent... Having been born in Nottingham, to parents from Gorton area, we moved to the US when I was 10. We used to come back every year, but since I've been fending for myself, I get back once every 2 years to see City. I'm 24 now, and as I'm pretty shit...
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