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    Brentford (A) - Post-Match Thread

    Or another game very soon!....We got 3pts and rested players, excellent management I'd say.
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    Leicester City (H) - Post-Match Thread

    So?... We're a bit too good fer this lot in the prem aren't we, fuckin German jokers!
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    Leicester City (H) - Post-Match Thread

    You agree with my other sentiments? Even Nostradamus got his dates mixed up!
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    Leicester City (H) - Post-Match Thread

    Sometimes Christmas beers sends your dates and days West but I stand by everything else in that post!
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    Leicester City (H) - Post-Match Thread

    We've got another game in less than 2 days time, 4 up at half time eye off the ball let 3 in... Back into gear win 6-3... Happy days, bring on Brentford! We'll piss the league this year by double figures we're that good, nobody catching us.
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    10% Discount Return at the Stadium (Beer)

    Why did people think it had stopped? I've been getting 10% off beer all season. There's no restrictions either so it's 10% off whatever the spend no need to spend over a tenner to get it and it's anytime pre match/half time there is no cut off an hour before kick off or anything. Saves a few...
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    United Thread - 2021/22

    Who gives a flying fuck who takes over that lot, their problems stem far further than who picks the team... They're fuckin light years behind us.
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    United Thread - 2021/22

    So Ralf rang nick.... Did Nick tell them to stick the job up their arse as well?
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    Injury Updates

    I'm sure he'll be in Atack despite his injury!
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    United (A) Post Match Thread

    Said in the pre match thread no need to worry about Ronaldo today it'd be like playing 10 men from kick off and we'd rip them a new arse hole.... Wasn't far off really was I eh.
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    Manchester United (A) - Sat 6 Nov 12:30 | Pre-Match Thread

    Why people are worried about Ronaldo at weekend is beyond me, he's just had 2 games in a week and him playing is like us playing against 10 men from the kick off... He'll touch the ball less than any other player on Saturday he's gonna be fucked and we'll tear them a new arse hole!
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    Brighton (A) - Post-Match Thread

    Mate of mine in the boozer had gundo 1st goal and 4-1 at 200-1, tenner on...won 2k! I said pre game could happen that sounds a decent bet but never put it on myself.... Fuckin unbelievable Jeff.
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    Seasoncard - 2021/22 | Ticket Exchange

    3 tickets together for Burnley game are on there front row of the 2nd tier East stand right on the goal line, towards the family stand end of the east stand. We're all on holiday so will miss the game so hopefully 3 blues get to see the game instead rather than leave empty seats.
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    Is left back really a problem?

    I thought we might've tried 3 at the back allowing cancelo to play further forward. So stones dias laporte with walker/cancelo further forward or even walker in that 3 which is a role he's played for England to add a bit of pace. Who knows maybe we will at some point what do I know.
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    Paris Saint-Germain (A) - CL | Post-Match Thread

    We'll win the group, no need to worry about PSG thought they got lucky 2night...we're by far the better side, not that important a game 2 night imo, beating Chelsea last weekend and beating the scousers this weekend are the ones to win and its 1 done 2nd to come on Sunday. Next 2/3 wins in the...
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    Safe Standing permitted from January 1st (pg 9) | City one of five clubs permitted

    Mike Parry's an Everton fan.... His point is bollocks though it's dickheads that cause shit at football matches not whether someone is stood up or not.
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    Etihad Atmosphere - 2021/22

    You can be a member of the official supporters club and have never attended a match... How does that make you a supporter but somebody like myself who's never been a OSC member but had a season ticket for 30yrs is just a fan?... What a load of horse shit
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    Why didn't you go to the Leipzig game?

    I think transport puts people off midweek, the metrolink is an absolute joke... 25mins after the full time whistle for the first double tram to turn up is a piss take, we missed our 22:30 train from piccadilly and then had to wait another hour to get on the next train 23:35 meaning I didn't get...
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    Etihad Atmosphere - 2021/22

    He will be by me, best manager I've ever seen.... Literally living the dream right now and people still fucking moan. Just watched City score 21 goals in the last 4 home games and Southampton coming on Saturday what more do people want! Fuckin ell
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    The Keeper - Trautmann film Sunday 5th Sept on BBC

    My dad is 71 now and still has fond memories of when he was a young lad stood at the counter in a shop and Bert walked up behind him and lifted him up in the air above his head, I'll tell him its on he'll love that as I don't think he's seen the film.
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