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    Gorgeous women and loud guitars

    <a class="postlink" href="" onclick=";return false;"></a> Perfection for those who love real women and proper guitar music. I'm not tecky, but if you search the interweb - that video is blinding.
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    What bike to buy?

    For all you cyclists out there, I am in the market for a new bike. I have been using a 15 year old Trek single track 810 which a mate gave me. For the last 6 weeks I have been going out for rides between 17 and 45 miles over mainly roads but including some off road cycle tracks (no serious off...
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    Difficult to come to terms with

    Last two days have been horrendous. One of my wife's friends was the woman murdered in Newcastle whose husband has just been charged. They live about 100yds away and their 2 kids are in the same classes as mine. We used to go to the park with them all, the kids went trick or treating, she...
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    Memo to Joleon : Please don't go

    Today Joleon was magnificent and I would devastated if he went. Some of his tackling was top drawer and even his footwork and passing was superb. We will need 3 top class CBs next season if we are to make a go of both the Prem and the CL. If he stays he will get plenty of games, but whether...
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    Surely David Silva can get someone to wash his car?

    What's he doing getting a Karcher high pressure wash?
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    CL performance in context

    Given all the shit we have had in the media, and all the shit talked on here about our poor CL performance, I think it is worth pointing out we happened to be a group which has provided 2 of the 4 semi-finalists. On that basis realistically our best hope was to get in the 'Thursday Night...
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    Benefits, immigration, Amecira or religion

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    What will tomorrow's papers say?

    A superb overall team performance of skill, guts and discipline which ensured we easily coped with some excellent players. The team selection looked a bit defensive initially but was absolutely spot on, especially the selection of all 3 summer purchases who did their jobs brilliantly. I wonder...
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    Who is your most hated King or Queen?

    For me it has to be William the Bastard. Guilty of the genocidal destruction of the North in 1070, I think it was. Together with the ethnic cleansing of almost the whole Anglo Saxon way of life. Appropriately named.
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