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    Virgin Broadband

    I've been with these guys for years, the service has always just been OK tbh and i used to have regular drops within the house. Obviously during lockdown there were quite a few but that was just because everyone was home and using the web. But i just got sick and tired of it when i was on the...
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    Landlords and tenants thread

    Made this thread to share experiences from landlords and tenants, maybe people can get help if required as well. We are landlords, but it's only for the first small house that we bought as a couple when we got married. We grew out of it and managed to borrow money and get another house, so put...
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    All or Nothing documentary

    So i thought the City one was just OK, tbh. I thought they didn't go into much detail as i had expected, you didn't really get to know any of the players or see any personal conversations between anyone that left much of a mark. I'm only on episode 2 of the Spurs one and i've already seen much...
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    Non petrol head car chat

    I have a passing interest in cars, nothing massive though. I have purposefully kept my aspirations for possible cars i could ever have as achievable as i could and wanted a Nissan GTR for a long time. I can definitely afford to buy one, whether i can afford to insure and drive the c*** is...
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    A MUST read from Martin Samuel

    Sorry to give this it's own thread, but i truly think it deserves one. Absolute brilliant piece of journalism by Martin here, and not just because it's on City's side but because he is telling the whole facts and not just the ones to suit his own personal agenda...
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    Daily Star: Who is Premier League's greatest-ever Brazilian?

    BIG DEBATE?! Definitely not the guy who's won 3 premier leagues, 4 league cups and an fa cup.
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    No nut november

    No it's nothing to do with actual nuts. Apparently there are people out there that think there's some benefit gained from not having sex or beating the meat for the whole month of November. Surely it must just fuck you up? I currently think about busting a nut about 2 times every minute, I'd...
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    Child with suspected autism

    My 3yr old has been exhibiting markers which are possibly Autism, she has been diagnosed with Speech & Communication delays and struggles a bit socially. Although they say she is too young to have the Autism test yet, she is definitely behind in her development, compared to other children of...
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    I have a bit of an obsession with headphones & earphones. I can't help myself from buying them, it started off with looking for the cheapest earphones i could find with the best sound, but i've also dipped into some slightly more expensive ones. I have managed to stop myself from spending...
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    Advice on a bee's nest

    We seem to have a bee's nest in the wall cavity near the roof of our house, i'm not sure what type of bee it is but it's quite a large swarm. Reading online, there are suggestions that if it's a bumblebee nest then they need to be left alone and they'll leave on their own. Problem is we have...
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    Auto electricians

    Any auto electricians on here? Got a problem with the central locking going crazy on my missus' car to the point it will lock you inside and keep trying to lock the car. Battery has gone flat last night as I think the module is constantly sending lock signals, before I speak to the dealer for a...
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    Nathan Ake

    According to several sources we are in for Ake, i don't get this one tbh. He's a decent enough player but we have Laporte and Stones as the younger two and Vinny & Ota as the experienced duo. Unless Pep see's something in him to play DM, i can't see this ever happening and it seems like his...
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    Question for the builders

    We are planning to get an extension built at the rear of our house and i had an architect out yesterday to do the plans. He asked me if we were going to have bricks or block and render done, i quite like the render look but i'm not sure if it's the best idea. I know bricks will last longer but i...
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    Carragher getting abuse again

    Who are these scrotes? People are so weird. While i think Carragher should have just walked away and ignored them, this is not alright and is NOT normal. If these people are on...
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    Daily Fail headline - Dani Alves didn't know Manchester City existed in 2009

    Won't link the article, it doesn't deserve anymore hits than i have already given it... Dani Alves didn't know Manchester City existed in 2009 Daily Mail 10:57 Dani Alves looks set to pull on the sky blue shirt of Manchester City next season with Pep Guardiola understood to be pushing through...
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    City are in trouble, according to this fountain of knowledge..

    Ethiad Airlines in trouble, Middle East in turmoil. The benefits on not being reliant on one benefactor emerge By Tony Attwood . As we know Etihad Airways, one of the three Middle East carriers which set out to revolutionise global aviation business by buying their way into airports around the...
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    Parents will feel this

    Reading the following story about a 2yr old kidnapped by two young schoolgirls, my heart started beating fast. It's fuckin' shit scary the things people can do, but its a really good article and they've done it well. If you're very sensitive and have kids, i'd give it a miss as i'm not sensitive...
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    Your generations best XI

    So i've been trying to think of the best 11 players in a useable team that i've ever seen in my life time. So when I say players i've seen, i mean in live games either on tv or in person. So for instance that would rule out Pele and Maradona from my team as i'm not old enough to have seen them...
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    Daily Mail 'article' on Sterling shopping in Poundland

    He’s happy to splash his cash on £500,000 Bentleys but when it comes to value only Poundworld will do: £180,000-a-week Premier League star Raheem Sterling shows he has an eye for a bargain just like the rest of us He earns £180,000 a week as a star Premier League footballer, drives a £500,000...
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    So where does everyone stand on this? I had an argument at work (quite heated as I was still pissed off from last night) with a fellow blue who thought we did OK because we only lost 1-0 over two legs against Real, who supposedly have a good goal-to-game ratio. He mentioned how I should stop for...
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