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    Joe’s Bar

    Anybody on here know the cost of CL tickets in Joe’s? I know you get 3 domestic cup ties included, but not CL.
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    Football’s coming home

    Being sung at Twickenham…. WTF! :-)
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    Official website... inaccurate

    Just reading this 125yrs City dna feature and the bit about the club song, ‘Boys in Blue’... They print the words... incorrectly. Is this website managed by an external company? Any blue worth his salt knows every word...
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    Surely this needs amending? Club info on website. First line

    Tony Book ‘Skip’ lifted more trophies as captain of Manchester City than any other player in the history of the club. He joined City in 1966, and was named Footballer of the Year after a wonderful first season in a legendary team, managed by Mercer and Alison. When he hung up his boots, Tony’s...
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    Did we lose yesterday?

    Sky sports news just now... “Following Manchester City’s DEFEAT yesterday, is it now a two horse race between Liverpool and Leicester” Amateurs
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    Colin Shindler

    Talking shit on itv...England’s Grand. Just said Argentina were the best team in the World in 1966; and would have won the World Cup, knocking England out in the Q/F if only they’d concentrated on football.
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    England women v Germany

    How come the rags goalie is now in nets every game? She’s terrible, just let a soft header in. Is Bardsley injured? What about Roebuck? And Paris just missed a pen
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    Times Square, New York

    My sister just sent me this.
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    City v Chelsea NOT sold out apparently This is rubbish. Game was sold out on 5th October, yet this rag saying you could still purchase 6 each as late as Friday and showed a ground plan... Seems they go to any length to...
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    Audi remote key fobs - replacement

    Does anybody know where you can get an additional remote? I used to know of a guy in Mossley, but lost his details. My daughter has bought a 2012 A4 S line with only 1 key :-( This key works fine but will not activate the central locking and the car has to be locked manually. It will unlock...
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    Steve Bruce

    SSN breaking news. Reports Bruce has left Hull City. Have they got arsey because he went for an interview with FA?
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    Jimmy Frizzell RIP

    Jimmy has passed away today aged 79 RIP.
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    Hillsborough verdicts reached

    But not announced until after 11am tomorrow. The jury reached unanimous verdicts on all questions, except the one referring to 'unlawful killing'. The judge asked them to continue deliberating but would accept a majority verdict if a unanimous one can't be reached. The jury reached a 7-2...
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    iPad streaming

    Does anybody know if it's possible to stream? How? Any special download apps needed? Thank you
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    Dont miss this great response from M Samuel

    I posted in the FFP thread, but it might get lost there? Perfect response to any dippers with the 'bad istree' 10/10 Martin ================================== It is sad to see a great team like Aston Villa suffer. They won a European Cup before Chelsea and Manchester City knew where Europe...
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    Child rape case abandoned - Judge fell asleep

    Just watching the news, judge/Recorder (Philip Cattan) at Manchester fell asleep. They are paid enough to make sure they stay awake... sack the twat! ============= A young girl faces having to repeat her harrowing evidence of alleged sex abuse. And taxpayers must pick up a bill for thousands...
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    Anybody with a knowledge of bank transfers S/O

    I have a tenant in a house I own. Only been in 3 months, but Last 2 months I'm chasing the rent. Got it eventually, so he's not actually in arrears. Told him I wanted it paying into my bank on 28th of each month, gave him all the details etc... Not been paid in! He say's it's gone out of his...
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    Independent again - Terrible reporting

    Should they finish level on goal difference, Rodgers’ side would hold the advantage having currently scored 27 more goals than their closest rivals City. <a class="postlink"...
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    Sterling is 'BETTER' than Silva and Hazard - Michael Owen

    <a class="postlink" href="" onclick=";return false;"> ... ng/137480/</a>?
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    Any Gardeners?

    Anybody know where I can purchase 2 or 3 rolls of turf? Everywhere I tried has a minimum 20 rolls WTF?
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