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    Plan to suspend the Metrolink line to the stadium?

    Anyone aware of the plans to suspend the metrolink line for Ashton meaning no services for either the football or the new arena! Potentially for years...
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    Everton, West Ham & Wolves

    Due to injury unable to make next 3 games so my ticket in East stand block 305 is available right on half way line. Obviously will need a supporter number and a compatable phone to transfer ticket too. £30 per game or £75 for all 3. Everton now sold
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    City Ticketing Website

    I know it was never going to win any awards but it seems to be getting worse. The last few days can't even get on it just get an internal service error. Its not happening on any other websites so don't think it's a problem at my end. Anyone else unable to access it?
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    The Match Day Forum

    Seriously what is it all about? Don't normally bother with it but had a look tonight. You'd be forgiven for thinking we were 20 points adrift at the bottom having lost our last seventeen games! It's like a meet up for manic depressives who revel in negativity. It's a good job Internet forums...
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    Wembley Way

    Is no more. Work has begun to demolish it and replace it with steps. First the twin towers now Wembley way is gone. Poor idea with little thought for the fans using it in future both those who struggle with steps but also doesn't seem the best idea when you've got thousands leaving at the same...
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    Bet 365 free bet

    For those gamblers amongst you do you get the bet 365 in play bet offer they do on random big games? When this first started it was £50 free in play bet but went down at least for me to £25 which it has been for ages. Just had an email offering the in play bet for the psg game tonight but it's...
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    City's New Initiative

    I realise it's a one off to publicise it but I despair at the people at our club who seem to think this is what the fans want Face painting Blue Led lanterns Brass bands It's a no from me let's just go back to being a football club and forget all this pre fabricated crap ' Having worked...
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    Virgin Trains Discount

    I've tried a few times now contacting the club and it always falls on deaf ears. Virgin Trains lose their franchise on the 7th December and therefore I assume the 20% discount that massively helps southern based blues and us, northerners for the london games will go with it. Has anyone heard...
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    Four year old city fan dies from cancer

    Was reading this article last night and really hits home what an awful disease this is and even more heartbreaking when it's someone so young who barely got a start in life. He sadly died on Saturday but hung around long enough to still be here when City made it to another Wembley Final. I...
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    Everton (A) Pre Match Thread

    Crazy!!! A weeks notice to sort ticket sales and 3 tough games now in 7 days
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    City @ Home Reception

    Anyone tell me where it is? Is it the reception as you drive into the stadium through the main entrance on the right or is it over at the Academy stadium?
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    P!nk Wembley Stadium

    Got 3 standing tickets available for this Sunday 30th June 2019. If anyone knows anyone looking it's £270 for the 3 which is slightly below face value.
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    Railway concerns/issues - Safety petition p6

    Can across this when checking my travel plans. Seems getting to Lime St will be ok albeit trains could be packed but for those who then travel to Kirkdale or Sandhills special arrangements are in place with lots of stations shut...
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    Spurs Travel Refunds

    Has anyone heard anything yet? Submitted mine and got an auto acknowledgement but absolutely nothing since.
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    Ticket Points

    I know city have stated that cup scheme points aren't being added till the end of that specific competition but does anyone know if this also applies to away games? I've purchased so far for charity shield and arsenal away I'm pretty sure though not 100% that my points total is as it was before...
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    Arsenal away tickets

    Know it's not easy these days to find details so thought I'd post them on here
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    No Northern trains Wednesday v Brighton

    Another strike Wednesday will no doubt impact on attendance. Possible to get there but no trains to get you back ***INDUSTRIAL ACTION - RAIL SERVICES *** Northern Rail services will be significantly impacted by strike action on Wednesday 9 May. The majority of Northern Rail services are not...
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    Liverpool away ticket details

    Goes on sale this Thursday 22nd March The Club has received an allocation of 2,819 tickets priced as follows: Adults -£48/£46 Over 65 - £36/£34.50 17-21 - £24/£23 Under 16 -£9 Restricted View Adults - £47 Over 65 - £35 17-21 - £23 Under 16 - £9 Severely Restricted View Adults - £45/£43 Over 65...
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    Electricians Central Manchester

    Anyone recommend any decent and reasonably priced electricians? Woke up this morning to a burning smell and found the timer on the water boiler has burnt through with the casing singed and melted. Only fitted as new 18 months ago however on calling the company who fitted today seems they are no...
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    Been no trams running through Piccadilly now for 2 hours due to an incident at Piccadilly. Hopefully clear soon but bear in mind may be no trams through to the match today
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