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    Gracia sacked... Hardly surprising.
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    Gary Monk takes over at Sheffield Wednesday Honest to bloody God, they bring it upon themselves, these clubs.
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    Ronaldo (Brazilian)

    Best wishes
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    United thread 2018/19

    There will come a time, hopefully a long long way into the future, when the rag hierarchy suddenly wake up and say: "You know, this Maureen chap, he's not all he's cracked up to be. No fucker wants to play for him". But until then, carry on Peg. You have many admirers in the City of Manchester.
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    Redknapp's resurrection?

    FFS! No. Please no!
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    Craig Pawson

    He's doing the Carabao final, apparently. Another chance to screw us over against Arsenal.
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    Paul Alcock dies

    Famous for being shoved over by DiCanio. Only 64 apparently.
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    If not Hodgson, who?

    This must surely be the last tournament that he's in charge of - for the love of Jesus, please let it be his last. But who next? And why don't we have a massive shake-up at the very top, get rid of the aged stiffs in charge and bring in some fresh blood with some new ideas? We haven't had a...
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    United Thread 2015/16

    Everton were -understandably- a bit subdued yesterday, so to a certain extent it was easier for the vermin to get all three points. Having said that, I thought the home side were piss poor and you can only play what's in front of you so the rags took advantage. Next week they will find us an...
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    GPC on Football Focus

    Bloody disgusting. This odious bastard treated the BBC with withering contempt during his tenure (or should that be 'reign'?), but now they're giving him the chance to sell more copies of his latest fictionalised account of his time at the swamp.
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    New season predictions

    I can see both Fat Sam and Twitcher being sacked. Twitcher will become a pundit/co-commentator and tell us all time and time again that he was after every half-decent player himself but was 'Blown out of the water' - probably by us. The anti-Christ of football (Allardyce) will take over the...
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    Big Phil

    Will he do the honourable thing and fall on his sword? The crowd were giving him some stick last night (ten goals conceded in Brazil's last two games, don't forget), and the media have been less than flattering about his selections and style.
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    Billy Davis sacked

    Colin Wanker to take over.
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    Will Twitcher be back next season?

    One way or another I have a feeling we're going to be treated to yet more of 'Arry's Soundbites next season. If he gets QPR up we won't see or hear the last of it from his media mates. But if he doesn't and West Ham manage to avoid the drop he'll probably take over from BFS, so either way the...
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    Charlie Adam

    Didn't see his tackle on Paulinho, but apparently it's put the Spud out of action for a while. Seems to have a bit of previous with them.
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    Sex, Death and The Meaning of Life

    Anyone else been watching this excellent programme? Richard Dawkins having his DNA up on screen for all the world to see? And the Indian cremations, all those corpses going up in smoke and then being dumped in the Ganges. Have to take your hat off to the man, regardless of your views on...
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    Looking forward to Skyfall?

    I am, but I won't be going to the cinema, I'll wait until it's out on DVD - I like the xtras you get (behind the scenes, etc). So far the critics have hailed it as the best Bond yet, but I suppose that's par for the course with any new 007 film.
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    The girl who was 3 boys

    Did anyone see this the other night? A documentary about a young lesbian who dressed up as a boy so that she could be intimate with other girls? Bloody weird.
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    Watched it last night. Brilliant! The chap playing Hitler (Bruno Gans?) is excellent. Most war films show Hitler as a bit too one-dimensional - rabid, demonic, screaming and bellowing and waving his arms about a lot. But this actor gives a little more depth to the character and thus you see him...
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    Good programmes you've watched recently

    I saw the one on Captain Scott's hut the other night. Ben Fogle, I think was the presenter. Brilliant. The hut still looks exactly the same as it did back in 1911, even with discarded Huntley and Palmer biscuits nearby...frozen in time. Eerie, but great all the same.
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