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    Match Thread | Everton vs Man City (06/02/19)

    I wish I could find a stream
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    Match Thread | Leicester vs Man City (26/12/18)

    I can never find a link!
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    Match Thread | West Ham vs Man City (24/11/18)

    I wish I could find where to watch it!!!
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    Match Thread | Cardiff vs Manchester City (22/09/18)

    Lost my stream. Could do with a new one please.
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    Match Thread | Cardiff vs Manchester City (22/09/18)

    A link would be appreciated very much.
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    Eliaquim Mangala - now official

    Re: Eliaquim Mangala Meh
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    Chelsea away - Pre match discussion

    Let him start one now, because his first post was so good.
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    Michael le Vell (Kevin Webster)

    Haha...I bet he was. I was thinking of a pm and not posting it on here.
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    Michael le Vell (Kevin Webster)

    Who is this girl. Everybody seems to know except me. Could someone please let me in on the secret.
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    Soccer AM

    He's not on it now. He's stuck in Afghanistan.
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    That is brilliant.
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    At least this should all be over in the next 30 hours, thank fuck. I still think he's coming here, but what I think means nothing as I'm not ITK.
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    Odds to go to Madrid now 1/5
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    My thoughts too. Though the odds have just been cut as I started writing this. grrrrrrrrrrrrrr Odds of him going to Madrid went from 11/10 to 10/11 as I posted this.
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    I hate transfer windows.
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    Cavani Speculation/News (page 151 onwards)

    I do hope this is a bit of a weekend fishing trip
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    I didn't say I was convinced did I. Last week I felt we would get him but now I am twitching.
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    Looks to me as if he's going to Madrid. He was 1/3 at the bookies last week to come to us, it's now 9/4 us and 5/6 Madrid. The bookies don't often get these things wrong although I hope they have this time. The Cavani thing is also looking the same. Madrid again.
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    Heart Surgery

    Good to see you back Nimrod. Glad it all went well. You can sit back and be pampered for a few weeks now.
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