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    How much money...... you think this website is worth?
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    FIFA 09 Golazo Thread

    Can anyone tell me how to level up on Fifa 09 (PS3) please. I've been playing for f***ing ages online, and I'm still level one. When I say ages I reckon an average of one online game a day since release date, and I've won around half of my matches (I always play as City so it's not been easy)...
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    Rough inflatable count?

    Hope this doesn't affect SWP, Nedum, Richards, Kompany, Robinho, Caicedo's performances on the night.......
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    Fulham 4.10pm - Why?

    Could it be a special announcement before kick off.......................?
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    Fulham 4.10pm - Why?

    <a class="postlink" href="" onclick=";return false;"> ... OTime.aspx</a>
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    Fulham 4.10pm - Why?

    Why does the fulham game kick off at 10 past 4 instead of 4?
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    Joke of the Week!

    Why do Scots have blue dicks? Because they're tight-fisted w**kers.
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    Rough inflatable count?

    To the rest of Europe, this is going to look like we're the most racist fans in the world.....
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    Jensen Button...

    oh how the tide has turned. Isn't it great to have a British driver in pole position, a great driver who's earned his place at the top and not had it handed to him on a plate. Hamilton looks decidedly average - give it a few weeks and he'll throw the dummy out of the pram. this is the...
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    When i were a lad

    Saint 'n Greavsie British Bulldog Wham bars Paki jokes Short shorts Orangina Kia-Ora Fun House 4 TV channels No internet No mobile phones No 'Health and Safety' No political correctness No Poles Golliwogs
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    Time For Robinho to step up

    Are you from yorkshire?
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    Stick with Hughes..we need a stable foundation.

    Can you see this manager and this team challenging for the top 4 next season? More importantly, can ADUG?
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    Is it going to be typical City tonite

    We are going out on penalties tonight. Can't fucking believe it. This has to be the end for Hughes.
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    Official AaB v City match thread.

    Has Danny Mills got his boots with him? This is an absolute disgrace. No way Hughes can survive this, even if we come back to win.
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    Channel 5 gay porno

    "He's going down the tunnel below us"
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    Ched Evans is World Class

    Ched would beat Usain in a 50 yard sprint.
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    Channel 5 gay porno

    Commentator: "Have you ever had a numbed body part Danny?" Danny Mills: "It throbs constantly"
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    Ched Evans is World Class

    The range, power, accuracy and technique of his shooting is beyond compare.
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    Why Do People Employ That Wife Beating Pervert ?

    Positive discrimination?
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