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    Fred(Signed for United)

    A podcast about Fred featuring someone who watches him a lot. Lots of actual insight, including his argument that Fred would suit this team better than Weigl. And who has also heard City are in for Marcel Sabitzer of RB Leipzig.
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    Ian Cheeseman (and his VLOGs)

    Here is Ian hosting the new City Watch Podcast. Absolute pleasure to work with this man. He's a gentleman and class act.
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    Alexis Sanchez

    No, City Watch stated that the Mail had stated that Pep was happy to wait a year. Which, exactly like I said, is sourcing another rather than presenting the information as our own. There's a big difference there. The clue is at the end...
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    Alexis Sanchez

    City Watch has claimed nothing about anything regarding Sanchez, whatever you're on about. So let us know what we're KFA about, please, since we generally are only reporting from other sources - if you're referring to a tweet or news piece. Unlike some, we don't falsify exclusives and rarely...
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    Marc-Andre ter Stegen

    Allegedly, of the 98 goalkeepers in Europe's top five leagues, only one makes fewer passes per game than Joe Hart. If Guardiola wants to build his team, I back him. And I love Joe Hart, the only one who is arsed enough to regularly acknowledge the South Stand. But Pep is here to make us the...
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    The Invisible Man (Soriano) speaks...

    In terms of season tickets, if they go up we're actually going against the trend, rather than bucking it. This is slightly old data and more may have changed since then but: Frozen ST prices: Arsenal, Palace, United, Norwich, Swansea, Chelsea, Spurs Reduced ST prices: West Ham, Everton (after...
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    City V PSG ticket Prices: 1894 Group statement in full

    The statements/letters from 1894 and City Watch have between them made all of the online newspaper sites. But not only that, Sky Sports and the PA have written stories about them.
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    City V PSG ticket Prices: Club Statement

    An open letter from City Watch to Manchester City FC concerning ticket prices
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    Jihadi John Song

    Are you saying everyone with a Twitter account has one for attention? All 1 billion? I started my account in summer 2011. I was in a very bad place at the time and also quite ill. I posted a lot of news on here and there was nothing of the sort on Twitter. So I started it, not really expecting...
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    Jihadi John Song

    If I wanted RTs then why have I NEVER done the whole 'RT for this, Fav for that' or 'RT if you think...' bollox like so many attention hungry accounts do? I built my account up with none of that, never have I have RT whored my way forward. FYI, I've always posted fan songs, good, bad, or even...
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    Jihadi John Song

    Come on, my Twitter account isn't going to change Daesh's itinery. I've been getting quite a lot of abuse for posting the link (including one guy going all out on me, saying I'll have blood on my hands if an attack happens now), but I believe we have a freedom to share things (and that's what...
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    Player Topic: Kevin De Bruyne (2015/16)

    You know people keep bashing his away performances - the MEN has an article on it. But one thing sticks out in my mind about quite a few away games and that is: KDB has created an excellent chance that we just didn't take. Otamendi's header yesterday. Sterling's near open net miss against...
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    A raumdeuter like Muller?

    Javier Hernandez is an expert of being in the right place at the right time. He won't give you much else other than great movement, but he's an elite box poacher and has won Bundesliga player of the month twice running. And maybe we need that quality sometimes, someone to just bundle the ball...
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    LoveCity/City_Watch Appreciation Thread

    Yeah, it destroyed the shared hosting package it was on unfortunately. I didn't expect the traffic blitz when it was announced. :/ So after an ordeal with their customer support, I had to upgrade to something much more expensive. And now there are mixed reports... some say it's back up, some...
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    All these creative players, so little creativity?

    No triangles, no patterns, nothing elaborate. We are very predictable and overly reliant on defenders falling for the same tricks we use over and over, and the individual brilliance of some of our players. Pellegrini is an attacking manager but doesn't seem to be a deep thinking tactician...
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    If we signed Guardiola, which players would thrive & struggle?

    Most players will have to adapt some way. Not only those more used to counter attacking style (like De Bruyne, who has adapted pretty well, if not seamlessly, to our style). But even those with the perfect technical qualities for Pep may have to do more. Take Silva for example, I wonder if he...
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    Etihad atmosphere

    Something I noticed yesterday from my place in 115. There were many Germans in there, for which I imagine someone at City is in trouble today. And what happened was interesting. Gladbach's drums started, Gladbach fans started singing to tunes we also use (like David Silva Ole, Here's to you...
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    Monchengladbach post match (top of the group)

    Amazing night. The real European nights are here people, hopefully more start showing up now. :)
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    Crowd for tonight.

    Looks like the focus has been on filling level 1, which wasn't achieved against Hull. That's almost done, except I'm surprised by how many seats there are in the South Stand, especially 115. I mean, this is the singing block, so I thought some might relocate for the ambience. Anyway I think...
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    FA Cup draw - Norwich (a)

    If Carlsberg did FA Cup draws......... it wouldn't be this one. ;) I want a real 'romance of the cup' draw one year, like Eastleigh or Bury (a few minutes away from me!), but we always get hit with mundane ties.
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