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    Podcasts (again)

    I recently swapped/changed my iphone for a Galaxy S3 and before doing so synced with itunes so as not to lose everything. Anyway I did not tick the sync podcasts options and have now lost all the significant podcasts from the last six months or so. As most of you on here who regularly listen to...
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    Wifi At Etihad Stadium

    Has anyone on here got the password to any of the networks available in the ground? On Saturday all of these were available This has been an ongoing issue in and around the ground for ages now - as 3G coverage is all but useless!
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    Wembley was buzzing

    We must have put on the best show of support ever seen at new Wembley? - we were immense, even through the battering we had for the first 20 mins!
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    Least Points with Wembley ticket?

    As the title says what's the least points anyone has (or knows of) with a semi-final ticket. I'll start erm 360. 'Ducks for cover'.....
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    Caption Comp no 563.2

    Who you callin a Scotch Cnut?
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    Righteous Fool

    Just seen the Sir Bacon Face interview. OMG what a tosser talking about Opposition players who shouldn't be on the pitch. Pot - kettle springs to mind.....
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    24 (and a bit) hours later. Measured responses please...

    Fuck fuck fuck. That is all.
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    450g Box of Sugar Puffs £1 at Asda!

    It's true.
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    450g Box of Sugar Puffs £1 at Asda!!

    Proper bargain that is and as they're quite light compared to some other, perhaps less flavorsome, but more healthy options it's a surprisingly big box - well they are when you buy them in bulk. Anyway just thought I'd share this bargain find with fellow blues. By the way I challenge any of you...
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    Talking with some mates the other day and the question was posed - could things get so bad with the Red Dippers that we could feel sorry for them!?
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