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    Messages won't leave my outbox

    Cud ne1 plz tell me why my messages on Bluemoon wont leave my outbox.....thanx
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    Lift and shift:

    I'd love to hear from anyone who has moved house from further afield just to be closer to Manchester to watch City play each week. I am tied at home but if things planned out i'd definitely consider it.
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    Shawshank Redemption puzzler

    Can anyone explain to me how Andy got the poster back up over the hole in his cell....surely a tunnel leading to outside would have that poster flapping like Orville trying to get off Keith Harris's manhood. <a class="postlink" href=""...
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    Danbury Mint collectables

    I have the full set of Manchester City Danbury Mint collectors plates. This consists of 13 plates all 22 carrat gold rimmed shown all the greats who played for City and also the grounds; Maine Road and C.O.M.S. I also have the Manchester City Danbury Mint jug which is a real collectors piece for...
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