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    Soccer Saturday Sackings

    Don't tell me Merson has survived the cull.
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    Last Film You Saw

    'Greyhound' Tom Hanks as captain of a destroyer protecting the convoys in the atlantic. Action from start to finish and good CGI effects,only on for 1hr 25mins
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    Peter Green RIP

    Founder member of Fleetwood Mac has sadly passed away.
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    Last Film You Saw

    I will leave it there.
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    Your Favourite Advert Of All Time:

    Two of my favourites
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    Lyrics that you can instantly identify a song from...

    There's A Lady Who's Sure...
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    Worst bands or solo artist you have seen live

    To be honest Sonic Temple in my opinion is the best they have done, the albums after that 'Beyond Good And Evil' and 'Hidden City' are good but not up there with Sonic Temple. I was disappointed with 'Born Into This' and I think the band were. On the last few tours I don't think I have heard a...
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    Worst bands or solo artist you have seen live

    Saw The Enemy supporting The Manics at the Apollo, absolutely terrible it was just a wall of noise and feedback, could not tell one song from another, The Manics were brilliant however. Seen The Cult on many occasions as they are my favourite band but one gig at the Apollo 'Born Into This' tour...
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    United thread 2019/20

    If this guy is that good as the media will have you believe why isn't there a queue of clubs for his signature.
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    RIP Neil Peart

    RIP the most talented drummer I have ever seen play live.
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    Best line in a film

    " If the milk turns out to be sour I ain't the kind of pussy to drink it "
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    Premier League Games 9/10/11 August 2019

    Some things never fuckin change! Lucky fuckers.
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    Sperm can survive in space

    That's what I call a Money Shot!
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    TV and Movie Characters that scared you as an kid/adult

    Shit me up as a kid when he started to move, I think also it was the noise it made.
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    Tune of the Day

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    Killing Joke

    Saw them at Rotters nightclub in 1981 and last November at the Academy. Brilliant band live.
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    Last Film You Saw

    'The Man Who Killed Hitler And The Bigfoot' Make of it what you will !
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