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    Nicolas Freire

    It's been reported in several Dutch media City signed Nicolas Freire (23) from Argentine Junior, only to be loaned straight away to PEC Zwolle from the Dutch Eredivisie. He supposed to be a left footed defender who earned promotion with the Juniors to the highest league in Argentina. PEC...
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    Will China be able to take over the Premier League?

    With the kind of money they are spending, yes they can. It's a matter of time before players skipp the PL for the money and go East. Also if the Chinese or Asian people loose interest in the PL because the Chinese league has great players as well, a new TV deal would look very differently...
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    Bournemouth (away) pre-match thread

    The derby defeat was hard to take and unfortunately saw a couple more injuries added to the never ending list. The international friendlies hardly matters to try and forget about it. A game at Bournemouth will. One of the away games l was looking forward to when the fixtures came out last...
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    Rusnak double wins cup

    Rusnak scored a brace in his sides' 2-0 victory. The final of the Dutch cup was between Zwolle, last year winners, and Groningen. Both clubs from the northern part with a big fan base that led to a sellout of nearly 60.000 and a fantastic atmosphere. Rusnak is an automatic starter at Groningen...
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    Long term contracts: plus and minus?

    Great news with David Silva the latest one to extend his contract. As a fan I'm thrilled to know El Magico will be with us, as he is simply a fantastic player to watch. We definitely need to get a steady song going for him, but that's another topic. With Nasri and Kolarov extending their...
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    Are we getting more popular abroad?

    It's getting close to the WC in Brasil, so over here (in Holland) supermarkets give away photograps of footballplayers that little kids can collect. So I walked out of the supermarket and immediately two kids (guess about 10 year olds) came up to me to ask if they could get mine. Ok, but you...
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    Gary Neville: Side Dishes ...

    <a class="postlink" href="" onclick=";return false;"> ... es-Neville</a> Ah well, the former "City-player Off The Year" admits they're "good side...
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    Remember The Recuerdo

    Just a nice read that might bring back a few memories (recuerdo). <a class="postlink" href="" onclick=";return false;"> ... 3&id=37948</a>
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    5 players who will have a break-out season ...

    Nice article about 5 players who -acoording to the journalist- will have a break-out season. Agree? Or who do you think will have a considderable better season than last year? <a class="postlink"...
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    City-tv malfunction

    No too good with computers, so maybe someone can explain something to me? My computer was able to play the films on City TV. Letely however they show a disturbance like people haven been thrown paint at the camera. Does anyone know what caused it and how to resolve this? Does anybody else...
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    And they say women can't play football?

    <a class="postlink" href="" onclick=";return false;"> ... nzijrftu9x</a> Pity she seems unable to score ;)
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