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    Medical Negligence claims?

    Let me know if u still need help. I dealt with clinical negligence cases. Im retired now, but do voluntary work for Citizens Advice. PM me if needed. Happy to try to assist any other blues on anything legal, if I can. If I can't, I'll tell u quickly so we don't both waste our time.
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    Jadon Sancho

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    Jadon Sancho

    Sorry if this has been covered earlier or elsewhere - if he is sold on by Dortmund, are City on a % cut of the transfer fee? Thanks.
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    Real Madrid (H) Pre-Match Thread

    Get your coat! :-)
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    Lockdown - your opinions/observations

    The lock down brought about a sense of ease and serenity - I live " out in the sticks" so I was quite at ease at not going into town, or into the office, and, of course, the weather was great. As lockdown eased, football came back, which I was dreading - with Liverpool seeming certain to take...
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    Bournemouth (H) Post Match thread

    I think he does get the credit, at least from the commentators on Sky - Carragher and Neville often comment on his incredible passing.
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    Arsenal (N) FA Cup Semi Final pre match thread

    Cheers! Done. Pheewww!!
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    Arsenal (N) FA Cup Semi Final pre match thread

    No poll? I'll have say it here then, as I'm the one who always votes .......... Lose. (Otherwise, we'd never win.)
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    What is next for the greedy elite?

    Can the next big banner please be Cartel 0 - Innocent 1 It'd be fantastic to see something similar near the half way line tonight, or, streaming across the electronic advertising boards - perhaps with a "V" sign following behind..... and a smiley face
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    Francis Lee

    I've got that as well. Possibly this wascthe best bitbof on pitch aggro ever. Fearless Frannie! What a player.
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    Funniest comment you’ve heard at a City game

    At Selhurst Park years ago when it was Wimbledon's home ground, me and my lads used to always get in the ground early. One of the 'in' chants was, back then, " Shit ground, shit fans; shit ground, shit fans." Our away end had about 50/100 fans in about 30 minutes before the K.O., when one of...
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    Another blue gone

    Lovely that you posted that pic of happy days, which you'll now treasure. Condolences to you, blue brother.
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    Is it time to say goodbye

    Sorry to hear that. Focus on all those great memories.
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    Southampton (A) Post-Match Thread

    We battered them but couldn't score, after gifting them a goal. These things happen on bad days for us. We were rotating, and it was a nothing game. As someone said earlier, we have bigger fish to fry. Very frustrating to watch, but, on another day, we would normally have buried them -...
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    Liverpool thread 2019/20

    That was some foul at the end in our box just before their consolation goal. Heslop? Those were the days!! Sorry, forgot to say anything about scouse bindippers. Never mind.
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    Media Thread - 2019/20

    Fair comment :)
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    Media Thread - 2019/20

    My take on it was that Shreeves was the complete dick for asking such inane questions. Threw in a few fancy words too which someone who doesn't have English as a first language was bound to struggle with - notwithstanding that Klopp's English is very good. Its true that Klopp gave us little...
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    Phil longer just potential

    I said in the pre match thread that he has to play in any full strength team we play, as he gives us a new dimension - he is THAT good. He proved me right last night against the 'next best' in the Premier league, and possibly in Europe. Let's pray for a career free from injury so we can glory...