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    Wolves (A) Pre-Match Thread

    Any body think that us having extra time off after our disappointing Champions league run is going to damage us. We've had several players/staff get Covid, or have had to quarantine due to travelling places. Pre-season has been extremely disrupted.
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    Premier league games 19/20/21 September

    a nice little draw at Chelsea tomorrow would cap it off nicely before Mondays game
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    New striker needed

    Unfortunately I think you're right, and PSG, Barca or Real will do, and we will show as we have over the last couple of season we are no longer bidding with the so called big boys. If we want to win the champions league and then on a regular basis and continue to win the premier league we have...
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    New striker needed

    Haaland is the best and really the only option, has ties to the club, his father will back the move, he's young, a great replacement for Sergio, just a shame we we can't get him this window, as I fear age might be catching up on Sergio. We need to make a move for him early in Jan, get the ball...
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    It's Quiet thread 14 - 'do one' edition

    Not really surprised, hopefully we realised this and have been working on another option.
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    It's Quiet thread 14 - 'do one' edition

    Have to disagree, Torres for Sane, Torres seems a good signing but for the future. Ake will ultimately replace a departing centre half, Garcia or Otimendi, and will probably be an improvement on either. However, with Silva gone, Sergio injured for a couple more months and still not having a...
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    It's Quiet thread 14 - 'do one' edition

    If Liverpool pick up Jota from Wolves in addition to Thiago they will have added two excellent players, improving their squad from last season, have we done that? We need to get our fingers out.
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    How do you assess our transfer business so far?

    Two months after the Wolves game! A striker is as important as a centre half now, at 32 and his recent injuries Sergio can only be expected to be available for half a season and Jesus can't cover on his own.
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    How do you assess our transfer business so far?

    Pep must be really pissed off, can't see him extending his contract. He doesn't seem to be getting the support he wants. We were 18 points behind Liverpool last season and with signings they've made (and possibly Jota from Wolves), add Chelsea's improvements to the mix, we'll be aiming for...
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    How do you assess our transfer business so far?

    Losing Laporte only added to our poor transfer dealings last summer, once again we won the league and didn't really improve the squad. Losing Kompany and not replacing him was a far bigger issue last season, and then moving Fernandinho into defence weakened the midfield which didn't allow Rodri...
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    Carabao Cup R4 Draw - Millwall/Burnley (A) - If we win R3: Bournemouth (H)

    Millwall or Burnley if we get past Bouremouth
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    Carabao Cup 3rd Round Draw - Bournemouth (H)

    Bournemouth it is then
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    Laporte and Mahrez test positive for COVID-19

    Have they picked it up on international duty or at home? If at home, they've been coming to training and god knows who else is infected. It was madness having international games just before a new season, getting players to travel all over europe.
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    Women's Team - 2020/21

    She's on a hatrick, never going to pass
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    Kalidou Koulibaly

    I agree totally, Otimendi is past his best, Fernandinho should never have been forced into playing their, and Stones poor form hasn't passed, really hope we can start with Laporte, Koulibaly, Aké and Stones (giving him a final chance to regain his form)
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    Kalidou Koulibaly

    Having spent most of last season with two fit centre half's, (don't include Ferni) we'll probably start this season with five!
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    It's Quiet thread 14 - 'do one' edition

    any update on Koulibaly? a more important signing me thinks
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    The Messi Mambo 2020

    Wish we'd just get Koulibaly done, far more important for the squad. Leave the Messi family to sort it with Barca, and when they come back and say I'm free to sign, it's going to cost £88 mil, or I'm staying another year and then I'll defiantly be free we get involved. If he's free next year...
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    Realistic squad/starting XI for this season?

    Based on Zinchenko, Otimendi and Garcia leaving and Messi and Koulibaly coming in. GK's - Ederson, Steffen, Carson FB's - Cancelo, Mendy, Walker, Angelino CB's - Koulibaly, Laporte, Ake, Stones Mids - Fernandinho, Rodrigo, Gundogan, KDB, B.Silva, Foden Forwards - Messi, Aguero, Torres...
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    All or Nothing documentary

    Watched the first two, thought it differed from ours but not necessarily in a better way, seemed very rushed. Not sure how many episodes there are but Poch is sacked in 35 min ep1. City's was almost game by game with much greater detail. Spurs don't come across as professional as City for...
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