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    Uploading images

    Cheers Kaz. Any other tips on making things bigger? Lol
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    Uploading images

    Just testing
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    Europa League Quarters 10/11 August

    Just watch how much help these fuckers will get next season in the prem. They think they are BACK, along with the media and pundits. Sickening how we are officiated compared to them and the scousers. Blatant cheating. The people at the top care more about the global audience than the actual...
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    Match Thread | Man City vs Real Madrid (07/08/20)

    That's been coming. That came from us not being clinical in a 4v4 attack
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    United thread 2019/20

    My old fella is a rag. And yes I'd rather be labeled a wrong un than support that shower!!
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    Real Madrid (H) Pre-Match Thread

    Ederson Walker Laporte Garcia Cancelo Rodri Fernandinho De Bruyne Sterling Jesus Mahrez
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    Bournemouth to sue Hawk-Eye tech (link in post)

    VAR is used in other leagues across Europe and we never hear of much controversy, if any from them. Our English officials have taken a tried and tested system and broke it within 1 season. That tells you a lot about the state of our officiating compared to the rest of European refereeing...
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    And then there was One....

    An absolute disgrace that mate. The unjustified bias against our club is sickening. Any other club that was in our situation 12 years ago and propelled itself to where we are now would be lauded and fawned over for years.
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    Match Thread | Watford vs Man City (21/07/20)

    To be fair that was a great save by Foster. And it wasn't a too bad penalty by Raheem either. We are cruising even against the 12 men of Watford. 2 of the most laughable free kicks against us this season. Cancelo didn't even touch their defender and Deeney went down like a bag a shite there...
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    Arsenal FA Cup SF Post-Match Thread

    Huge re build needed this summer to rectify the mess that this season is turning into. If we can see that some players don't cut the mustard, then why can't the best coach in the world see it. Constantly boring us to death with Gundogan, Mendy and inverted wingers. Some. Players need a long...
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    Match Thread | Arsenal vs Man City FA Cup (18/07/20)

    Utter turd. Fuck me when we are poor we are really poor
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    Match Thread | Arsenal vs Man City FA Cup (18/07/20)

    We are so poor today against a powder puff arsenal side. We are handing them a final at the minute. Just like we handed Liverpool the league
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    Premier League Games 14/15/16/17 July

    Keep chatting bruv lol
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    Premier League Games 14/15/16/17 July

    Wonder if the league was still on if that would have been chalked off??
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    Match Thread | Man City vs Bournemouth (15/07/20)

    Just defend fucking properly. Its not hard!!
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    Match Thread | Man City vs Bournemouth (15/07/20)

    2 nigh on identical incidents. One team plays in blue and the other plays in red. And 2 totally different outcomes. Fucking disgraceful!!
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    Cycling Advice

    I use WD40 specialist silicone in a grey can. It's silicone based unlike the blue tin which is a magnet for dirt. I cleaned my chain once with the blue stuff. NEVER again!! In the end I bought a new chain as it was never the same after using it. I also use Zefal extra dry chain wax which is the...
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    CAS judgement: UEFA ban overturned, City exonerated (report out p603)

    Allez Allez Allez Uefa took on Cityyy For fiddling the books. Shiek Mansoor was ready He didn't give a fuuckk! The G14 said ban them For 2 years at the least We battered them all over Thanks to Pannick and his crew!!! Allez Allez Allez Allez Allez Allez
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