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    It's Quiet thread 14 - 'do one' edition

    Not sure if mentioned but reports that Barca have been banned from making further signings by la liga until they sell. Not sure how that works and could be be bollocks.
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    Phil Foden to leave England camp

    Jeremy Kyle thread
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    Thiago Alcantara

    They know we are good for it
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    COVID-19 — Coronavirus
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    Players you wished had stayed longer

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    Tariq Lamptey

    He had one good game, looked brilliant in fairness but against a team he has a point to prove with - He will be worth 60m plus by the end of the season if he keeps it up. Just put him in your fantasy football team instead
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    The Boxing Thread

    There's a history there with these allegations
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    Liverpool thread 2020/21

    Just one game but look more like the Liverpool of 3 years ago, season before they finished second by a point. The fact the still managed to grind a result out there is worrying though.
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    2020/21 Predictions

    Chelsea bought the league with their dirty gas money this year.
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    Bluemoon Fantasy Football 2020/21

    Chances James will start for Chelsea?
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    Nations League

    Ferland Mendy skipped by twice for the croation equilizer
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    Everton thread 2020/21

    Bernard, James, Alan and Gordan I like the look of that midfield, no messing about
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    Ian Brown

    His last album was pretty much conspiracy theories set to music
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    The Messi Mambo 2020

    Didn't want him anyway
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    The Messi Mambo 2020

    Just tried to place a bet on paddy Power to go to City at 6/1, and a notification says maximum stake is zero, tested psg and no notification
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    It's Quiet thread 14 - 'do one' edition

    Is it worth a punt of him signing at 3/1?
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    COVID-19 — Coronavirus

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    Thiago Alcantara

    By the sounds of things Wijnaldum out Alcantara in is Liverpool plan
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    Have we become expectant as a fanbase?

    Didn't want him anyway
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