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    Kalidou Koulibaly

    PSG only sold Thiago Silva recently. This should’ve been wrapped up before Ake.
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    Yan Couto going on loan to Girona

    Watched him play in last years U17 World Cup along with Diego Rosa. That’s where our scouts found them before signing them.Originally he was held back after returning because of contract talks. After signing with us he was supposed to be loaned back and he got like a 15 minute sub appearance...
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    Kalidou Koulibaly

    Fabrizio actually just steals the journalists you don’t trust breaking news and adds “here we go” then sends tweet. It’s not on, it’s already confirmed.
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    Watford post-match

    Mendy possession lost: 13 Angelino possession lost: 12
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    Ruben Dias

    But this is exactly what we tried to do to sign Maguire according to a piece co-written by Sam Lee
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    Joao Cancelo

    PS he’s actually more comfortable on the left than Danilo.
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    Jose Cifuentes

    Really a sad situation. His parent club are making a serious gamble on his future and Ecuadorian journalists aren’t happy they rejected our bid. Rumors are we bid around €2.5M and they are looking for 5M+. The club he’s on loan at is more than likely going to be relegated and his value will...
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    Mikel Oyarzabal

    Chiesa is extremely inconsistent, which is why he’s still waiting.
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    Jose Cifuentes

    Also he’s currently playing for the Ecuadorian U23’s at the Pan American games.
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    Jose Cifuentes

    There’s not loads of offers for players coming out of Ecuador. News is that we’ve had a prior agreement with the player. Also the latest news is that this a a big deal for Ecuadorian football and will kick things off as far as players from the U20 team making moves abroad.
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    Thiago Almada

    Was Velez’s best player on the pitch..... 70 minutes too late. About 2 minutes after he finally got subbed on the opponent scored and Velez lost 1-0. He did lose the ball quite a bit for only being on for 20 minutes but I put that down today to the frantic nature of trying to rescue a point so...
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    Thiago Almada

    He’s a very purposeful balanced downhill runner, quick feet dribbler that allows him to get in and out of tight spaces. Great passer, has a great long chip pass in his bag from the middle of the pitch. Works his ass off when he does lose the ball. I’m working on a more long form article and...
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    Thiago Almada

    Attacking Midfielder and can play out wide. Comparable to.... Messi.. Nah but Foden.
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    Thiago Almada

    1. They get a top quality player they wouldn’t normally be able to buy. 2. Probably split the wages if we leave him for 2 years 3. Given the hopeful turnover in the National Team squad and a better manager he should be seeing that team real soon after having a decent U20 campaign. 4. The...
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    Taylor Richards

    Moved to Brighton
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    Felix Correia (signed)

    Didn’t have his best game against Spain but you can clearly see that he’s the main attacking outlet.
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    Jose Cifuentes

    Watched this kid tonight and it’s so clear he’s above the rest the rest of the team. Very young newly promoted team that’s back in the first division for the first time in over 30 years. But still he was a cut above the rest. Was box to box tonight and showed off his technical ability, great...
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    Claudio Gomes

    Played about 25 minutes today.
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