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    The English Game - Netflix

    Watched the first episode last night. Cant binge watch as I am still working and have kids. But will be watching over the next few weeks. Its billed as being about the birth of football, but its set too late for that. Its more like the switch from public school game to working class game and...
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    Alfons Groenendijk

    I have a business trip to the Hague and thought I might catch a game so looked at Den Haags games and who should be managing them but our erstwhile winger / crap footballer.
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    Psycho girlfriend

    I thought I was usually attracted to women who turned out to be looneys, but none of my exes can match this one
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    Who else is going to the women's game on Sunday

    I am so looking forward to two city games on the same day anyone else?
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    Wio Weckons he will be a Pwemership Manager.... five years. I do hope so, it will be hilarious <a class="postlink" href="" onclick=";return false;"> ... management</a>
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    About to have a fight on chrimbo day

    My brother in law had one job today, that was to turn up at 1 o clock with a cooked turkey. Just been on the phone and he hasnt started to cook it yet. I am fookin fuming.
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    for 1.6million pounds

    while i am more tempted by that than supporting Man United for a year, the answer is no.
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    missing thread

    I am sure I was posting on an Empty Seats thread. it appears to have gone missing
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    Recommend me a football film.

    I have been stuck at home doing paperwork all day and have an evening of the same ahead. To relieve he boredom i have had the the telly on in the background showing football DVDs, season reviews, FA cup final, Jimmy Grimble, The arsenal stadium mystery (dont ask), those glory glory days (really...
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    BBC website

    I know its a very small point but its annoying me. Last year when we were champions the BBC reset their league table to zero games at the start of the June, this year they havent and united are still shown as champions. I know it doesnt matter, but it grates
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    Big Match revisited about to start ITV4 - City v spuds

    dont know the year yet. hope its not the 81 cup final, its too early in the morning to get upset by a football match
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    Managerial stability is best?

    Not necessarily, look at major trophies won over last 5 years Chelsea 5 (6 if they win europa) United 5 City 2 Liverpool 1 wigan 1 brum 1 swansea 1 over last 10 years chelsea 10 (11 if they win europa) united 10 liverpool 3 city 2 arse 2 wigan 1 brum 1 swansea 1 spurs 1 portsmouth 1
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    want to watch he rags lose a different game?

    ITV 4 in 10 minutes (06:55) Big Match Revisited. Arse v Rags 79 cup final.
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    Author Recommendations

    Just been reading the Iain Banks memorial thread and was surprised someone hasnt even heard of him. so i am looking for authors work we should seek out and read. i will start with some obvious sf ones (as banks wrote straight fiction and sf) Robert Heinlein Isaac Asimov Alastair Reynolds
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    the big match revisited

    just watching this on itv4. two things spring to mind. 1)post match interview with bolton manager was tremendous. Was given multiple opportunities to slag the ref off and whine like a modern manager, but didnt, wish modern managers were like this. 2)Alan Brazil was quite a good footballer...
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    Am I normal?

    Had a crap day at work. Got home about 5 minutes ago and I grabbed a beer and put on the champions dvd to cheer myself up. My neighbour came round to return my garden sheers and i mentioned what I was watching and he looked at me as if i was mad. Is it me or him who is strange?
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    Am I the saddest person on bluemoon

    couldnt sleep last night, so got up and watched jimmy grimble followed by the 2011 FA cup semi and final and then last season review DVD with sergio scoring at about 07:30. Now i cant stop smiling at work. Hard to keep my eyes open, but cant stop smiling. anyone else ever done anything...
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    UFO:conspiracy road trip

    BBC 3 now. you need to watch. chuffin hilarious documentary
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    Financial Statement 2012

    isnt this due out now? does anyone know when it gets published?
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    Alan Hansen talks sense shock

    i feel dirty but I agree with something Alan Hansen has said. He agrees with me that it was right that Beckham shouldnt be in the GB team
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