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    COVID-19 — Coronavirus

    i agree about everything you say about going back to work. however illegal raves are happening every weekend, attended by thousands of young people and have happened all summer. they happen within a couple of miles of my house. they have a significant effect on infections
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    COVID-19 — Coronavirus

    Thats not what I was saying at all. Please dont misrepresent what I was saying (are you doing it on purpose or just misunderstanding?) I was saying illegal gatherings starting in may and carrying on up to now are a major contributing factor. That the effect they have increases with the number...
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    COVID-19 — Coronavirus

    hopefully not herd immunity is not guaranteed, if it was then we would develop a herd immunity for all widespread viruses including the common cold. The factors that affect the development of herd immunity are many, but a really important one is the rate of mutation of a virus and we dont have...
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    COVID-19 — Coronavirus

    so the end of may then and the rest of the arguments?
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    COVID-19 — Coronavirus

    you realise the incubation time for the covid19 virus is up to 2 weeks the uptick in cases started in the first week in june, indicating increased infections were from contacts in mid may. I do not doubt the increase is partly driven by the opening of the economy, but is also partly driven by...
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    not sure you are allowed to say such smut on this forum
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    Match Thread | Man City vs Real Madrid (07/08/20)

    i hate pointy mcpointy
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    Nathan Ake

    I know its not really important but I like this quote from a Bournemouth fan "we all saw it coming, glad he's gone to a proper big club, not a middling one" I think thats the first time I have seen an oppo fan call us a big club, never mind a proper big club. The more oppo fans start thinking...
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    Ferran Torres

    tell me lies tell me sweet little lie
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    Media Thread - 2019/20

    when i worked at Manchester airport in the 90's baggage handlers were called chuckers
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    The “Hateful Eight”

    wtf does that mean
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    Real Madrid (H) Pre-Match Thread

    what evidence are you looking at that makes you think wearing a mask is superficial protection. All the scientific evidence i have seen indicates there are signficant benefits to the population if we wear masks in enclosed public spaces...
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    Face mask Friday

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    Face mask Friday

    which is fine except where if you make your mind up the wrong way, people die. Its not a new concept, we dont allow people to make their own mind up when it comes to the speed they drive a car, because if people make their mind up to drive faster than is safe on the road chances are they will...
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    Face mask Friday

    i will try harder in future...but if it walks like a duck etc
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    Face mask Friday

    thats a shame. hopefully you will wear your mask in enclosed public spaces, to protect other people
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    Face mask Friday

    you are a moron, the government advice is not to wear one in a car. the advice is to wear one in an enclosed public space, your car is not an enclosed public space
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    Face mask Friday

    I will not calm down, its a matter of life and death. You may not have been yet, but you are saying that you are not going to wear a mask in the aisles. I took you at your word, are you saying you were lying? Wear the mask, dont be a ****. read the research, start here...
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    Face mask Friday

    you selfish self centered bastard. read the scientific evidence and wear a mask inside in public spaces stop being a ****
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