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    2015/16 Home Kit

    In a forum full of wind ups, digs and sarcastic comments, this may be my favourite quote ever Bravo
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    What have you treated yerself to recently

    Sorry Using a # I've no idea if that's sarcasm or merely a comment Either way; I kinda hope my dad will appreciate it, and am pleased that my daughter, now matter how young loved the idea of her dad having a rare treat :-)
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    What have you treated yerself to recently

    :-) My dad is rather excited I must admit it's quite a lovely feeling ; I'm not rich by any standard; we'll certainly not rich enough to spend this kind of money on a single bottle. I work hard to make sure my daughter has a lovely life So the thought of me and my dad sharing an expensive...
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    What have you treated yerself to recently

    I've just bought a bottle of Macallan 1996 18 Year Old Sherry Oak My work gave me an instant reward voucher for a job well done I decided to treat myself to a nice bottle of whiskey Its a bit weird to spend so much on myself I usually use these kind of things on my daughter, but this time at...
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    TV Series

    iZombie started last night, its written by the same people who did Veronica Mars pretty good reviews so far A medical student who becomes a zombie joins a Coroner's Office in order to gain access to the brains she must reluctantly eat so that she can maintain her humanity. But every brain she...
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    Any Anime/Manga fans here?

    Attack on Titan is superb, I've never had so many WTF moments watching any TV show, episode 5 is genuinely terrifying and will leave you thinking "holy s*** what did I just see?" Can't recommend it enough
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    TV Series

    Sorry dont know if already mentioned but a few gems are: Justified Orphan Black Lilyhammer And for easy viewing White Collar Suits Castle Oh and the first 2 seasons of Misfits
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    Anybody any ideas about art? Another 5 paintings added

    Apologies but I've got to to ask who painted that picture It's great
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    funniest thing i have read in years

    not sure if this has been posted They Dared To Dream: How Rodgers' Liverpool Went So Close some cracking reviews so far
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    Things you just dont say

    that was my point exactly as she mithered on about it I asked her surely knowing me you may have thought a little bit of that kind of knowledge may have been a tad beneficial beforehand ahh well
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    Things you just dont say

    I was invited by a girl I knew to a summer BBQ Drink flowed; I was very chatty, telling jokes etc Everything was going well; the hosts and their friends were all laughing at my stories, the girl I was with was most impressed that I got on with her work colleagues so well. After a while the...
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    United thread 2013/14

    I don't post often but a poster was put up in my work advertising a book sale The main pic was showing they'd have the GPC's book on sale I couldn't resist I'm very proud of myself today
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    Newcastle Vs City Post match Discussion Thread

    Tears in my eyes Girlfriends looking at me just smiling, nodding her head in agreement
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    Greatest Ever M.C.F.C. Away Kit - 2009/11 White Sash

    Re: Away Kits Rnd 1 - 09/10 Black v 96/97 Maroon & White - pg 18 I'm gonna have to say the 96/7 kit; it's f'kin foul but I always take it on holiday; my missus's f'kin hates it, though it's always good when it gets recognised by fellow blues, and has resulted in many chats n beers round the...
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    Mancini's celebration

    Sorry not embedded But here ya go <a class="postlink" href="" onclick=";return false;"> ... ata_player</a> Lovely!!!
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    Chat up lines

    Re: Chat up lines I tend to just stand at the bar, put me cock in me hand and cry!!!
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    Wembley tickets on open sale

    Got my 3 tickets, it'll be ickle girls 1st game, she's proudly worn her city shirt all her 9 years and is always chuffed when her school mates have asked her why she doesn't support a " top 4" team (moved to Somerset years ago everyone here supports either rags, dippers, Chelsea or gooners) her...
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    Has any one tried Yamazaki single malt whiskey, it's a Japanese whiskey, they do it in Sainsburys, it's bloody lovely
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    Sign up or sod off!

    Bloody hell, someone with some common f***in sense, it amazes some of the posts here lately, I get f***in embarassed reading em sometimes. " our seasons over" bugger me, halfway through it, 3rd in the league, you'd have loved us in 97-98' FFS!!!!!!
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    CITY v Spuds - Official Match Thread

    y'know what, yup maybe our players didn't perform, some started well, didn't carry it on through,but isn't it kinda cool that now we do have big, world class players, again 2 years ago we would never have been linked to half the palyers we're linked with now we've come miles in such a short...
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