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    RIP. Mark Flynn

    RIP Blue
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    Media Thread - 2019/20

    BBC local news tonight no mention of our game whatsoever. Pissing in the wind but I've emailed the BBC a complaint.
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    Media Thread - 2019/20

    Nice one, I'll watch that, I'm worn out reading all the positive coverage of England's sole representative in a champion's league quarter final. Not.
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    Denise Johnson RIP

    RIP Blue
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    FA Cup Semi-Final - Sunday 19th July

    Triple yeeesss!!!!
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    FA Cup Semi-Final - Sunday 19th July

    hahahaha double yes!!!!
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    Salty reactions from other fans and the media

    They're fucked in the head with jangling voices already, staring at that shite hours on end can't reduce stress levels any.
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    Brighton (A) Post-Match Thread

    That is unprecedented, Raheem's "no look" header for his hat-trick.
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    Another blue gone

    RIP Blue Condolences for your loss
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    The 2018-19 Season

    Very good
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    Glyn Pardoe RIP

    RIP Glyn
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    Opportunity in a crisis

    Unless it's Man U
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    Media Thread - 2019/20

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    Media Thread - 2019/20

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    Pep's mother passes away after contracting Coronavirus - RIP

    RIP. Condolences to Pep and family.
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    Perfectly cast roles in films

    Danny Green as one round in The Ladykillers
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    RIP Eddie Large

    RIP Eddie
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    UEFA FFP investigation - CAS decision to be announced Monday, 13th July 9.30am BST

    Scumbags. Every one of those eight clubs. Sheer scumbags.
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    Champions League Games 10/11 March

    The bus will stall, the amount thrown under
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