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    Piers Morgan being an arrogogant prat.

    Asked about how he would treat his critics if they were appearing on Britain’s Got Talent, a show on which Morgan appeared as a judge, the CNN host remarked, “I’d replace the buzzers with machine guns and just take them all out and do the public a massive favor.”...
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    DJ Nick Grimshaw-Cringeworthy. Radio One breakfast DJ Nick Grimshaw has been back on home turf – to showcase his favourite Manchester haunts for a new campaign for designer...
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    David Bowie new single release.

    Happy birthday today to "Thin White Duke" Bowie who surprisingly released his new recording, "Where Are We Now?"this morning at 5am, on his 66th birthday.Album to follow in March.Pretty melancholy but Lush and atmospheric enough for Bowie fans,of which I am one...
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    Vodafone Blackberry Internet Pay as you go

    Anyone experiencing any problems?My Credit is trickling away without me using anything at all.I have phoned their operators twice, and they always reimburse,but dont explain why.Then it happens again.I'm just thinking if I wasn't such a frugal git I could have been fleeced.
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    Guitar players that can actually sing with the acoustic;

    Just a couple of rules, they have to be on youtube,so you can post the clip and prove your point. I have a few in mind at the moment.Ed Roland.Collective Soul.The world I know.
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    The Rolling Stone's New Single

    Their new single, 'Doom and Gloom', off their first album in 7 years. Some things just never get old,think its their anniversary...1962-2012. 50 years together.
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    Animated Music videos

    Sometimes I think they bring other artistic/talented skills into a music world that might be a little predictable.I would begin with this track.
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    Astronomer teams die coincidences.

    <a class="postlink" href="" onclick=";return false;"> ... Sg41GIUV2g</a> Any knowledgable Astronomers throw any light on these bizarre deaths.I know quite a few were...
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    Morrissey or Usain Bolt?

    Mozzer is a legend.Usain might be here for the short sprint.Mozzer for me.
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    The Queen wins the Derby during Jubilee Celebrations zzzzzz

    <a class="postlink" href="" onclick=";return false;"></a> Delighted the Paddys helped her.
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    Payment Protection Insurance (PPI)

    It does work,a mate has just received £13,000 payback today,with a successful claim.He had a bank loan and was paying back regular weekly payments according to their stats,but questioned the amount they were asking.He filled out an on line application form and won.It might be worth a look.PPI...
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    Beechcroft Report.Quick fire sacking system for employers ..

    Is this the death of the Trade Union movement?Can management fire you with impunity?Apparently 1500 in work regulations are to be squashed without debate. A mate text me today and said management were putting pressure on and mentioned this report.Any knowledgeable law peeps out there to walk us...
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    Mario and Yaya bust up...

    Sky sports just reported a bust up during the Swansea game,anyone verify this?
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    Joe Hart playing in house Games when interviewed?

    I hope so,@ 1.30.I found his freudian slip of a team mate's name superbly placed.Genius if pre-meditated. <a class="postlink" href="" onclick=";return false;"></a>
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    TV chef Worrall Thompson caught stealing cheese and wine

    Tescos methinks.Naughty naughty.
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    marco pierre white

    Mate and his wife had a meal roundabout deansgate/Bridge street,set him back 40 squid,wounded.
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    Christopher Hitchens talks to Jeremy Paxman

    <a class="postlink" href="" onclick=";return false;"></a>
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    Serious Car crash on Shudehill;

    The elderly male passenger apparently has died.The woman driver in hospital. Happened about 1.30pm,right on the tram tracks where they cross Rochdale road. Apparently the car went into a post supporting overhead wires for trams.
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    Prison for facebook comments.

    Whats the world coming to.Its possible to loose your freedom,Career, livelihood if you leave a comment that may be construed as threatening.My son is on bail because a bitter ex has informed the authorities he was threatening her on facebook.Hes spent a night in a cell,we were hounded by the...
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    Football Betting Formulas.

    I was going to have a bet today,on Liverpool 3.1 and Downing to score first,as a double. Was that possible?Obviously I know it didn't work out that way.But is that kind of bet possible?What other permutations are on offer? I know its limitless,but simplify. All input is welcome.Thanks.
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