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    I've been trying for my daughter since she was six and started coming to games with me. She's now ten and we've been entering 'competitions' on City Kicks and now Junior Cityzens ever since!! I said to her the other day that she'll be taller than a lot of the players if she ever eventually wins...
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    Has anyones season ticket arrived yet?

    Still waiting for my two too!. Emails received last Friday advising they'd been "dispatched" but not too worry if they didn't actually arrive until Monday 18th August! Then ring Supporter Services....
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    Canal Street Blues LGBT Supporters Group 2014

    What could possibly go wrong with this thread......
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    Roy Hodgson 'Feed the monkey'

    What part of using an analogy about monkey's and then referring to black players isn't racist? IT IS RACIST. Of course it is and to say otherwise is frankly stupidity personified. I absolutely believe that Hodgson didn't intend the comment/joke/anecdote to be racist but it was and it was...
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    Soccer AM this Saturday

    I did hear the they were going to move it to CBBC or even Cbeebies....
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    wheres my seasoncard

    The Hull game is a daytime (dinnertime) kick off and I don't think that you can upgrade the ticket to an adults unless it's for an evening time kick off... The club advised me recently that they recognise that some kids can't get to evening matches and that they have no objections to upgrading...
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    Selling Spares

    If your on Twitter @CityTicketX are excellent...
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    wheres my seasoncard

    Mine arrived a couple of days ago. Mini me's arrived today so happy days.....
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    Season tickets

    laugh? ~ I nearly did......
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    Beckham Sky advert

    He's a fuckin boring halfwit ****.
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    Season tickets

    Ha ha been holding off starting this thread for at least a week. No doubt numpties will soon be commenting on how theirs arrived weeks ago delivered personally by Yaya and Pellegrini.....
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    Swedish Policemans reaction to being filmed on a phone

    <a class="postlink" href="" onclick=";return false;"></a>‎
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    How do you subscribe to City's fixture list...

    Can anyone please advise how to sync the calendar with an Android device - I've done it previously but no matter which way I try I can't do it. I have an Samsung Galaxy S3. A step by step walkthrough would be epic!! Many thanks
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    season ticket sales

    So glad I took the plunge and got two SC's for me n my little one after years of Blue membership and probably paying more than season card anyway lol. I was in the queue at the ground at 4am last Thursday and got two prime spots in level two of Family Stand for my efforts. Happy days....
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    season ticket sales

    I was in 305 row V a couple of seasons back mate and to be honest the view was brilliant - it was where I saw the League won from! Other than pitchside I would say that there are no bad views in the stadium. I'm now in the Family Stand else I'd have been quite happy staying where I was. Also the...
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    A video some of you may not have seen before...

    I'd forgotten how fast after Edin's goal our players were able to get back to get the game restarted.....It almost looks like its speeded up. The view is quite near where I was last season at the back end of 305 so it was even more poignant to see this angle. Like others have said I'm not sure...
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    Fans around the world

    This is an excellent post mate and an excellent response to some of the self-righteous bollocks people post on here.
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    Fans around the world

    I want to hear the Yaya/Kolo song that they were about to burst into......
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