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    Bluemoon's Official Top 100 Albums

    Rising star made my top 20 singles mate ;)
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    Did New Order write the most infectious songs ever?

    Loved them, only seen them live 4 times & they were dreadful everytime, regret is a later day fav of mine :),seen vids of them looking amazing live, the times i saw them they really couldn’t be arsed
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    Gareth Bale

    Loan move with madrid paying most of his wages whats not to like? still a quality player looks like spurs done well i reckon
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    Players you wished had stayed longer

    We were shit at the time but lillis loved playing for us! you could see it everytime he played,in them dark days we loved a “tryer” :/
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    Soccer Six Championship

    Remember my mates telling me it kicked off major one year with burnley, blackburn & stoke fans!!
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    West Ham thread 2020/21

    Few of my burnley fan mates saying you’ve made a bid for tarkowski? seems a decent defender but apparently burnley want £40m??
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    Holiday advice

    Same here mate we got back from zante on sunday had a fantastic holiday & looks perfect timing now
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    Live performances you feel so lucky to have been at.

    The stone roses blackpool empress ballroom, oasis maine rd, james gmex
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    Live Performances you were at but wish you were not

    The stone roses at ally pally were dreadfull
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    It's Quiet thread 14 - 'do one' edition

    I’ll do it for ya pal its not a prob ;)
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    It's Quiet thread 14 - 'do one' edition

    Iconic split second that ;)
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    It's Quiet thread 14 - 'do one' edition

    You got your naked dance sorted kaz? ;)
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    It's Quiet thread 14 - 'do one' edition

    What about the rumour going round messi is having 2nd thoughts?? apparently he’s seen our champs lg kit for next season!! ;)
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    Holiday advice

    It was 41c on sat “cooled” down to 37/38c now, seriously hot mate hope you love it :)
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    Holiday advice

    We booked the ship wreck tour but we’ve been told since you cant get to the beach? have to go on coach & see it from above?
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    Holiday advice

    Not to many to be honest mate, we saw 4 turtles surface which was amazing, we did turtle island & then couple of coves, 3hr boat trip cost us both €30, worth every penny to see the turtles
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    Holiday advice

    Cheers mate, we went on a boat trip y’day to see the cheers mate, we went on a boat trip y’day to see the loggerhead turtles is was a stunning sight to see them
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    Holiday advice

    We’re staying in laganas mate people say its the main resort? but we’ve found it pleasantly quiet but still plenty to keep you entertained
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    Holiday advice

    We go on thur mate like you say it looks stunning, but we’re hearing the beach is closed due to the restrictions & you can only view it from the cliffs above? which will be a disappointment
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    Holiday advice

    Zante is a stunningly beautiful place, the people in shops, bars, resturants etc couldn’t be more helpful, i’d come back here in a breath
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