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    Who is the best of the rest?

    hopefully they be back to thursday night football after the group stages
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    Who is the best of the rest?

    It seems results may misguiding week by week, in recent years that seems to be the case. every week there is a result no one sees coming. As the season goes on i expect more or less the same runners as years before..... i believe the toffees will replace the blades. with the eventual top ten...
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    Super Football Education

    David Ike just posted some crap downstairs, you gotta open your eyes more mate......
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    City’s New Kits - 2020/21

    it s sexy, feck the begrudgers.
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    Fernandinho needs to go back into midfield

    Legend, I love Ferdy. prefer seeing him in midfield , its nice when he smashes in a goal from outside the box so suppose i just like seeing him in play up the park more.
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    Pep should return to first principles with Foden and Doyle

    Phil beyond ready, love seeing his personal fist pumps when he scores......Doyle i d like to see more of and bred in over the next two seasons.
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    Media Thread - 2020/21

    hold on a second here, this is Sky staff you re talking about, maybe they need an abacus in each cubicle of the toilets for training purposes for their staff. Either that, or we ll need some Stokers in Sky........
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    Wolves (A) Post-Match Thread

    only caught the highlights. silly tackle for the first, Kevin played well for it. well taken. Raz did brilliant for the second, lovely finish from Phil. Jesus looks like he got rewards for a hard grafted shift, I love when Jesus scores the beaut! Wolves did seem as tricky as last season, the...
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    Micah Richards - The Pundit

    Great work by Micah, I love seeing him on the telly as one of our own. He is fresh compared to all their usual pundits which are getting stale like gray and ......what was the hairy hands fellow again, oh yeah, keys did.
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    Sergio Agüero - City's All Time Top Goalscorer | All Time Non-English PL Top Goalscorer

    the back flick goal which was of master craftsmanship and a few stormers Vs Arsenal cant be left out, too many cracking goals.....
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    Sergio Agüero - City's All Time Top Goalscorer | All Time Non-English PL Top Goalscorer

    Our love for Sergio...... 6. norwich tevez flick, lamped into the top of the net 5. swansea thumper 4. utd running through the team 3. chelsea one where he one/two`s with yaya then before dribbling past a few chelsea defenders and nestles it in off the post ** oh, ya sexy fecker !!!!** 2. six...
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    How do I ethically buy a pedigree dog?

    money helps
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    Your 6 favourite Westerns.

    watched deathproof, he was good in it. why do you like him as he s kinda obscure for hollawood?
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    Your 6 favourite Westerns.

    seen a lot of the spaghetti `s......cant remember names but they all were amazing.
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    Your 6 favourite Westerns.

    they call him trinity
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    David Silva Statue To Be Placed Outside The Etihad In 2021

    i just hope it s(statue) the pass to edin from the six swan..... that would be magical.
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    Media Thread - 2020/21

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    #SOO Save Our Olé Season II

    we all know it was the lizard people.....only joking it wasnt them either, it was bent officials.
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    Tom Hardy to be next James Bond?

    finishing with an arm wrestle - with a six fingered Stoker
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