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    The photos thread

    knutsford ?
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    It's Quiet thread 14 - 'do one' edition

    Messi could beat three men in a phone-box. Fastest feet in football. Perfect against ten men in the penalty area. On the down-side , the Rodney Marsh episode shows how things can go badly wrong with this type of signing. Much as i would like it to...
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    It's Quiet thread 14 - 'do one' edition

    Very down to earth player,needed replacing....
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    it's a shit-hole...six-fingered inbreds...broke his leg you say? know the rules...
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    Bluemoon Angling Thread

    I can vouch for that, ended up with a treble embedded in my forehead and a lost Mitchell on one trip to Higher Poynton, with my mate's young brother. He ended up catching a 20lb pike which won fish of the week in the MEN, the following week every...
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    Best North West Beaches

    Y'stday the 10-15 from Oxford RD set off with lots of room to spare. At Bolton every seat filled, At Wigan Wallgate all the standing room was filled. Distancing impossible. Not ideal in the middle of a pandemic even though masks were pretty much worn...
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    Diego Carlos

    Too much information .....
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    Face mask Friday

    no problem wearing a mask, avoiding those who don,t yet following the arrows on the floor is like real-life Pacman... Many have died to save Hunt's skin after he ignored warnings that there was a shortage of PPE...
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    Watford (A) Post-Match Thread

    West Brom nicked a few from under our noses around that time....
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    Who are the fittest sportsmen?

    sports, of all kinds, are too diverse to have ' an overall champion'. Lung capacity for cycling and rowing, stamina for distance runners, fast twitch muscle response for sprinters, brute strength for weight-lifters, and so on. At the highest level, Olympic...
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    Garden Birds & Kaz's Badgers thread: )

    many years ago , family meal by the patio window, there was a thump against the glass, did not see what it was so carried on eating. Bit later the youngest stood up to take the plates to the kitchen, she wailed and pointed down to where a worm was...
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    Huge comet

    broad daylight so v. unlikely :( in uk. Haile-Boppe (sp) was visible for ages so maybe tonight.....
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    Chemical to remove fence paint

    hard to get hold of, but works well
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    Premier League Games 4/5/6 July

    See Leeds, for what can go wrong.
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    Garden Birds & Kaz's Badgers thread: )

    great stuff, BM's very own badger-whisperer. on a cautious note that shrub is a bit like japanese knot-weed, probably not but so near a building might be worth checking out......
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    once drove from Victoria up to Port Harcourt, and thinking.....if i never see another pine tree.......been a few times very top of my list of places to go to.
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    Bluemoon Angling Thread

    Roman lakes were the perfect antidote to the biteless hours on the Maccy canal at Hr Poynton. At first it was a bite a chuck but only about one in twenty caught then a tiny bread punch on a 20's became a fish a chuck which soon became...
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    Bluemoon Angling Thread

    last few pages jogged memories of personalities and venues.....Ian Heaps crossing to the taxi rank at "Ringway", still in waders and maggot spatter...Coombs midnight opening day of season about '64, fell asleep woke up red as a beetroot under a cloudless...
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    Not seen any jersey royal spuds in the shops this year.

    i am disappointed every spring, jerseys are pale imitations of what they once were, have heard it said that they are no longer grown in sea-weed enriched soil, what-ever, still buy them and when they're gone,, any spud grown in Scotland,
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