1. M

    Visiting from Melbourne next Month...how do I get tickets!?

    Hey all, I haven't posted on here in ages...sometimes I dwell in the background to read posts on here and almost forgot I had an account! I kind of regretted logging back in to find my history of posts, forgive me for the cringe nature if you dare to look, just young biased and stupid lol...
  2. G

    Exploiting blues

    Some horrible cow near me has been exploiting fans. She wanted 1500 quid for a ticket for the final. The horrible rat is advertising future fixtures. Is there someone I can dob her in to so she can't exploit people? Thanks
  3. M

    Brentford (A) - now sold out

    Just seen that this fixture has sold out. Smallest allocation of the season (I think). After 1 ticket if anyone can help? PM me!

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