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    “Everyone against you? Good. Foster a siege mentality”
    with Bournemouth psychologist Dan Abrahams
    Read more at https://www.fourfourtwo.com/performance/training/how-create-a-siege-mentality#EOV6EQFV2zjqKdqM.99

    I love that opening line! It’s exactly how I feel. I like being hated and don’t want it to change!

    If you’re with us, great; if you aren’t, FUCK OFF!

    For Manchester City Football Club and the Manchester City fanbase, we do need to foster a siege mentality to stick two fingers up at the bollocks we face.

    We’ve done it to a certain extent by booing the UEFA CL jingle and many of us blocking out the British media. But we should take it further by making the Etihad a cauldron. Make other clubs and journalists feel unwelcome when they come to our place. We need to bring back songs like “gonna get along without you now”, and even get some more aggressive new ones. We do sing “fuck VAR” but let’s get more going towards the officials and governing bodies, and even The Cartel.

    The Cartel are behind all the shit thrown at us this decade. They had a big fuck off gravy train, in cahoots with the governing bodies (UEFA and the individual FAs of England[+PL] Spain Germany and Italy), and they thought it could never be broken up but we came along and ruined it for them all.

    And it was needed! Because football would have gone down a bad path if The Cartel and the governing bodies had kept that cartel going like it was because football under it would have rotted.

    Liverpool qualified for the CL once in the first seven years of this decade and United have only qualified twice in the last seven years. While clubs like AC Milan have dropped out for a while and the likes of Bayern have felt threatened by us.

    They’ve all tried to besmirch our name in the media...

    Ferguson would belittle us. Famously, once saying “never in my lifetime” when he was asked if United would ever go into a Manchester Derby as underdogs.

    The Bayern bastards have been all over us as well. Over the years anyone connected to that club has been given a media soundbite and either slagged us off or courted someone.

    Uli Hoeness, especially, over this whole decade. He’s lied about how much we’ve spent on transfers and that we should be banned from the Champions League; https://www.telegraph.co.uk/sport/f...Manchester-Citys-upstarts-in-their-place.html
    and lied about how Sheikh Mansour invests in transfers; https://bleacherreport.com/articles...ess-says-he-knows-how-man-city-fund-transfers

    Another has been Lothar Mattaus. Publicly courting Leroy; https://www.90min.in/posts/6413737-...othar-matthaus-tips-winger-to-move-to-germany
    and even this week Pep; https://www.eurosport.com/football/...h-says-lothar-matthaus_sto7537497/story.shtml

    Arsene Wenger was always vocal about us. Another one saying we should be banned from the CL; https://www.telegraph.co.uk/sport/f...hampions-League-after-breaking-FFP-rules.html
    and lying about Raheem diving and being a diver; https://www.scmp.com/sport/soccer/a...-be-hard-stop-warns-angry-arsene-wenger-after

    And back with Raheem, the way he was publicly hung out as a hate figure by Liverpool FC and seemingly, like Bayern, anyone connected to them seemed to come out to have a moan. From Ray Houghton to Rob Jones and never forget this great bitter quip from that John Aldridge fellow saying Jordan Ibe would be a better player; https://www.itv.com/news/2015-06-30...ld-insisting-the-sooner-he-leaves-the-better/

    And then there’s Javier Tebas. He’s said we’re “ danger to football”; https://www.manchestereveningnews.c...ball-news/tebas-man-city-real-madrid-16707563

    But for me, I welcome anyone and everyone to have a pop at us, keep it coming! Ex-players/managers, current players/managers, pundits, presenters, journalists and fans of other clubs... keep it coming! Because this is what we’ll use to create that siege mentality. They can say what they want, as often as they want, I don’t want it to stop, they can make it as bitter and hate filled as they want. At the end of the day I’d rather know exactly who’s against us and know exactly who we can say “fuck ’em!” and “fuck off!” to.

    I’ve never been into the mainstream. I’ve always liked the underground or subculture scenes in music and fashion. And that spreads to football as well. When I was growing up City were this club who were starved of success but kept the loyal crowds, we were belittled by everyone, especially the Rags, but we had thick skin and could take whatever was thrown at us. Our support is what got this club through it all. We got back to the top through our downright stubbornness to ever be kept down. Nothing would stop us supporting our club no matter how low down the league ladder we were and eventually our loyalty was rewarded when Sheikh Mansour came to us.

    But as rich and successful as we are, I still don’t want us to be a mainstream club. It would be nauseating to get the coverage the Rags and the Cult get.

    The media side of things is the far less significant side of things for me though. The real issue is what we’ve faced from the governing bodies under the influence of The Cartel.

    We came along and upset the apple cart. So between them all The Cartel and UEFA tried to stop us. Financial Fair Play was brought in for the sole reason to stop Manchester City. But we did well despite it, winning multiple trophies in the midst of the blustery years of it coming in.

    And initially it was smaller things like UEFA giving us bigger fines for coming out late to a second half, or for picking up too many yellow cards, than other clubs have for racist chanting towards our players. City are given warnings over chanting “you’re not incredible” at Hulk and over booing the CL jingle.

    But then they tried more underhand tactics: when we’d already sent off our FFP reports to UEFA, they moved the goalposts so that what we actually presented to them would fail FFP. We were handed a fine and had a CL squad restriction placed on us.

    Despite that we got to the semifinals!

    Then we became a self sufficient profitable football club through the constant sponsors we were enticing, the prize money we were winning through our trophy haul as well as the TV revenue we were bringing in... they still tried to stop us!

    There’s been some bugger come along and hack our emails and systems and handed over a number of them to FIFA, UEFA, the Premier League and FA and we’ve had cases opened up against us on historical possible offences.

    Yet we are smashing through them as each one comes along and have not been found guilty on any counts.

    You’d think there’d be nothing else they could get us on as every stone seems to have been turned, every **** has had their say, every **** has tried their hand at targeting us in some way. However, this year especially, we’ve seen journalists with links to Qatar (a country the UAE has blockaded) media companies trying to link United Arab Emirates’ foreign policy to Sheikh Mansour or to Manchester City Football Club saying we are state owned by the UAE.

    But there’s the worst thing still to be mentioned, and that’s how we are officiated compared to our rivals.

    In both the Premier League and Champions League some of the decisions we’ve faced as a club have been anything from harsh to almost obviously corrupt. Or where our rivals seem to be handed eye widening and jaw dropping decisions in their favour.

    Back from the 2011-12 title run-in with United where Ashley Young seemed to be handed penalties for any stiff breeze that knocked him over or his best Olympic Diving team acts; to the last few years where we’ve seen the same awarded to Liverpool players, who now happen to be our title rivals.

    Yet when it comes to us, we seem to have a ridiculously negative ratio when it comes to decisions go in our favour compared to what go against us.

    We are constantly denied penalties against Liverpool!

    In the last few years:
    March 2017- in the same attacking phase both Agüero and Sterling were brought down in the box, Lovren (I think) pulled down Agüero and then Sterling being denied a goal scoring opportunity by James Milner as the ball from the same move went towards him... NO PENALTY given for either incident

    April 2018- David Silva brought down by having his legs swept from under him in the CL game at Anfield... NO PENALTY

    April 2018- Raheem Sterling has his legs swept from under him by Robertson in the same game... NO PENALTY

    April 2018- James Milner handball at the Etihad... NO PENALTY

    October 2018- van Dijk brings down Sané... PENALTY AWARDED

    January 2019- Raheem Sterling fouled by Robertson... NO PENALTY

    November 2019- Trent A-A handball... NO PENALTY

    November 2019- Fabinho handball... NO PENALTY

    November 2019- Mane push on Sterling... NO PENALTY

    That’s 1:9 against us!

    and all of those coincide with:

    April 2018- Salah offside... GOAL ALLOWED TO STAND

    April 2018- Gabriel Jesus not offside... GOAL DISALLOWED

    April 2018- Leroy Sané not offside... Gabriel Jesus GOAL DISALLOWED

    November 2019- Salah possibly offside... GOAL ALLOWED TO STAND WITH NO VAR CHECK

    This is not a collection of co-incidences! This is “clear and obvious” corruption.

    And we’ve faced it in other circumstances, most blatantly showing corruption when Gabriel Jesus again had a goal disallowed against Spurs in August this year.

    Where the law states that it is an offence if a player; “gains possession/control of the ball after it has touched their hand/arm and then:
    -scores in the opponents’ goal
    -creates a goal-scoring opportunity
    -scores in the opponents’ goal directly from their hand/arm, even if accidental, including by the goalkeeper”... Laporte did none of these things so the WINNING goal should have stood, and our season may well have been panning out very differently now.

    So, it seems that everyone is against us. Absolutely fucking everyone. But like Dan Abrahams says; “Good”!

    Let’s use all this to create something special amongst our fans. Let’s use this to make the Etihad a stadium with an edge, where we don’t just sit there brow beaten by it all and really get behind our team on a regular basis. Let’s use this to make our fanbase a set of fans with thick skin and an impossible to offend attitude. Let’s carry on marching through it all, just as we did in the 1980s and 90s, and see if our staunch defiance to let any of this shit keep us down (or in some cases that I’ve read on this site, stop us coming to games anymore!) sees the ****s all finally run out of things to try and stop us...

    Let’s create a siege mentality!
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    I'll paraphrase Kurt Russell as Wyatt Earp in Tombstone

    "All right, scousers. You called down the thunder. Well now you've got it...So run you curs. Tell all the other curs, City is comin! You tell I'm comin! And hell's comin with me! You hear? Hell's coming with me!



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    Ike's obviously Joe Gomez.
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    Too long to read on a Sunday afternoon but I commend the effort.
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    Fucking well said. 100% agree
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    Let's fucking do it
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    not at CAS
    just win football matches.
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