1 email address for multiple accts on official site

Discussion in 'Technical queries' started by hello, 10 Dec 2018.

  1. hello


    30 Jun 2009
    being a dirty non match going southerner theses days I've not tried to buy a tick for a good 18 months, hey I gave up my season tickets the year we won the league lol. Anyhow I am off work and wanted to take my lad to Southampton does anyone know if General is truely any tom dick and harry or do I need to be able to log in and get supporter numbers. All our tickets were under 1 email address so now I get

    • It appears you have multiple accounts with the same email address. Please log in with your supporter number to continue.
    I am not arse about loyalty points so if general is really general I'll just ring tomorrow and do a guest purchased, but if supporter numbers are needed any idea how to find them with asking the Mrs to search house for old season cards?

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