109/110 no standing?

Ladybarn Blue .

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23 Sep 2012
Looking at the number of seats available in 109/110 it would appear there has been a mass movement to the SS. Could be a move to enforce "no standing" due to a good number of newcomers in the blocks next season, I would not like to see a repeat of the trouble that took place a few years ago, think it was against Villa.
Hi Dave ,
I can confirm it was against Aston Villa .


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18 Jan 2012
club still very keen to keep the singing going in 109 / 110, cant see any extra pressure forced on by the club to make fans sit down as singing will stop. Might see the odd game where they try to enforce sitting so we can take the piss out of the stewards telling everybody to sit down...

Depends on the fans that have moved there more than anything, if they all sit down then it could fuck it up. But if they go in there and go with the flow should be ok.


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2 Jun 2007
Been in 111 since we moved to the stadium with my lads but I had a feeling with the new ss block that the club may end up enforcing the sit down with showsec
And so took a gamble and moved into 114


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24 May 2004
This isn't Facebook, there will be no status updat
I'm in block 109, on the very back row though so any attempts to make me sit down will be met with a firm, and I think logical, "Get those in front to sit down and I'll give it a go"! They've tried it in the past, asking us to sit, and it's just farcical. There must be 30 rows of people in front of us, all stood up, yeah, course I'll have a seat, with these new X-Ray glasses from Specsavers I can see through people anyway!

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