12th April Pubs Go Live (well outside anyway).

ted the grass

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7 Jan 2020
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My local has gone for the 1pm-7pm opening to fill the 4 hastily assembled picnic tables..which will be occupied by dealers...
Town wise it appears my regular haunts are staying closed...not many had external space anyway...
So it will be October for me....after the summer Covid spike...

Done 12 months already...will do the rest standing on me head yer honour.


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16 Jan 2011
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If it was just beer, or just the alcohol, pubs would have gone the way of the dodo many years ago.
Pubs are a social media for people to connect in a welcoming environment and share experiences. They have changed in the past 30, 40, 50 years as drinking has become more expensive and less fashionable, but the social aspects are still there. Failing pubs are the ones that fail to deliver social interaction.
Pubs that just going for price differentials tend to delay the inevitable. Wetherspoon being an exception because they deliver price and social interaction.
12 April at the pub will see conversations and not much telly watching.

Danny Hoekman

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25 Jul 2008
Fantasy Island
I love being in a pub. As we have got 5 weeks until we can go inside, I would hope that they try to have some no smoking areas where you aren't subjected to other peoples vile habit whilst sat in one big ashtray. I hate what beer gardens have become.

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