#14 | Aymeric Laporte - 2020/21 Performances

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5 Aug 2015
Ai Weiwei to the dangerzone
When you start saying 'you want your top defenders to deal with that' you're complicating something that is really simple. Laporte saw where Zinchenko was going, then he saw the guy behind him. In Laporte's eyes they have switched roles, Laporte is now playing left back with a live danger at the back post.

Zin makes two errors, both understandable but both wrong. First he goes central which wasn't necessary (although when it's the second wave of attack as this was it is understandable. An experienced left back wouldn't have done it though). Secondly he doesn't just go to lcb to cover Laporte he ends up in the rcb position because Dias is out of position. There are already two players trying to stop the cross so Dias should be picking up a player.

Also, Laporte wasn't stuck in two minds about which one to defend. When he pointed he made it clear who he was marking. He only tries to get back in behind Lacazette when 1- he sees Zin out of position and 2 - he sees where the ball is going.

You say you wouldn't have blamed him had the guy at the back tapped in but many would, and that sums up the issue of what he was dealing with.

When you're given two players to mark and one of them is behind the next defender and in a central position then you go straight to that guy. Like I said, you've got to prioritise the biggest danger and he didn't.

It's a shit situation and a split second decision he got wrong.


14 Jun 2010
Ignoring the goal debate for a moment, I thought he did a lot of good defending yesterday.


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10 Aug 2010
so you don't think Stones has been out of form for the previous two seasons compared to his recent form
Well yeah, you see, if you said it like that, I'd agree with you.

But you edited your original post, so can't really fault me for reading that wrongly yeah?


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15 Apr 2013
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Anyone think Laporte might be worth a run out as a left back?

He is a better ball player and passer than Ake and has more physical presence.
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