#17 | Kevin De Bruyne - 2021/22 Performances


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22 Aug 2021
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Manchester City
What I am saying isn't so outlandish. Pogba when he plays for France is world beater because he has great players around him. You can't deny that.

So it's logical to assume that if you put him in to a city team instead of de Bruyne. He would just be good as he is for France and would be a world beater.

Please tell me how I am wrong.
KDB is a world beater whatever team he plays in, even City’s or Belgium’s second string sides.


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22 Dec 2016
I expect he'll play against Leipzig to get some form back.

Looking forward though to our best 11, he really only works as the false 9 because Bernie and Gundogan are undroppable for us, and I think that's fine, the F9 has so much freedom that suits Kev as well.

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