17 | Kevin De Bruyne - 2023/24

Yes, I think he is in the red zone and advised to only play a short period.

He played well within himself and I feel it was a sub designed to give the other City players confidence as we seemed so nervous.

Clearly Grealish not fit either, with these large benches we are putting players who are never going to play on them.
Just to confuse Bournemouth I guess. They would have to guess the sub.
He didn’t look himself at all yesterday, hesitant and it looked like he was scared of damaging his hamstring. The ref gave him a good talking to seconds after he came on and I only assume he was angry about the tackle that led to the free kick, so he was being told to calm down. Then Foden tried a ball along the line and it went out, Kev looked frustrated and then got yellow carded, maybe he swore in frustration or maybe something else happened which I missed.
One of those rare players that, even if he was only fit for 50% of a season, would be worth every penny of his wages.
He didn’t actually touch the ball that much for the last 20 minutes. Dare I say, a bit of mindgames for Sunday?

Ignoring that. A joke of a player. That pass for the second today was ridiculous and even more so when you consider Haaland was expecting it!
Valuable game time and four assists to boot. I don't see a reason for Kev not to start Sunday but that is all down to how he is after tonight.

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