17 year old lad stabbed to death in Moss Side tonight

Blue Hefner

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11 Jul 2009
I certainly don't agree with that, there's endless towns and villages in third world countries where families are dirt poor, have poor housing but love and nurture their kids.
They don't all turn to crime and a life of lawbreaking.
I was in Dilli not that long ago, kids there are loving and happy even though they're dirt poor with little opportunity in their poor country. Same scenario in Bali, Indonesia.
If you love your kids, give them your time and guidance they will grow up to be good people more often than not.
Show no interest, let them endlessly roam the streets, that's when trouble brews.

Fair point, maybe at has to do with density i.e the Favelas in Brazil, Townships in South Africa, Projects in America and inner-cities such as Manchester, London, Glasgow, Birmingham etc.?

Maybe its an European/American thing, maybe violence is in our nature? Bali never took over the world, did they?? Maybe it has something to do with 'the wests' constant hunger for more, you can live poor in Bali without the constant reinforment that being poor is somehow a personal and individal families failure i.e poor self-esteem and ego are a bad combination and kids over here feel a need to prove themselves on some level, until they grow out of that mindset?

Maybe its just drugs and (seemingly) easy money?

I don't know, but I think it is more complex than simply blaming the parents. You put these kids in affluent parts of the country and I imagine these 'altercations' are few and far between?

East Level 2

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23 Jul 2013
Ha, no, Mondays are always busy for me - something always happens at the weekend to keep me occupied - so the usual insanity interspersed with coming on here to escape from the madness - but thanks for asking :-)
You come on Bluemoon "to escape from the madness"? Kinnel GDM your life must be like a Monty Python sketch.

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