1894 Singing section for EFL cup clash vs Wolves

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  1. UUJblue


    29 Mar 2011
    It was a good showing from the lads at the front during Napoli. Hopefully this continues
  2. blue b4 the moon

    blue b4 the moon

    25 Feb 2005
    315 gold not platinum
    Ended up moving from 115 to my old seat from prior to SS3 opening in 117.

    Didn't hear much noise from 115 I'm affraid but could have been the Wolves fans making plenty of noise.
  3. Tim of the Oak

    Tim of the Oak

    29 Dec 2012
    Well done 1894 and other singers. I could see you giving it plenty but were drowned out by Wolves for most of the game.

    Your persistence helped the crowd get behind the team in extra time and it was rocking for the penalty shootout. Keep up the good work. You might have just been the difference in a very close game.
  4. gazinho


    10 Dec 2008
    Still feeling champion
    I moved from my season ticket in 314 to the back row of 112 last night and genuinely didn't hear the Wolves fans once, obviously they were decent from reading on here and Twitter but it really was noticeable to me the acoustics of our stadium aren't great for all singing together
  5. Psychedelic Casual

    Psychedelic Casual

    1 Sep 2016
    This is where our stadium hampers us hugely.

    Our Singing Section is in the wrong place and is too small for normal games, never mind when they have a giant travelling support making a top racket above them.

    I could see our lads clapping and singing but couldn’t hear them and the rest of the ground didn’t step up until the shootout.

    Hopefully one day in the future we’ll have our own stand away from the away stand so no matter how many away fans come we will match them from our vocal stand (I can only dream). But well done to everyone for trying as we could all see you were giving it some.

    On Wolves (if any of your fans are reading), well done! I’d argue I’ve only heard two better atmospheres from an English away support at the Etihad - Sheff Weds a few years ago and that first half of the Rags when they went 0-3 up (unfortunately) (but do they even count because in the second half when we got it back to 2-3 they were silent?!). You were better than both sets of Scouse fans we’ve had come here and they were both in semi-finals.
  6. Eccles Blue

    Eccles Blue

    27 Aug 2009
    Eccles of course! Just Eccles!!
    Because you can't always make out the songs coming from the SS when you sit in the CB I thought at first it was our fans because it was coming from that direction but we were definitely outsung by the Wolves fans last night. Then the person sitting next to me said that they had the whole of the top tier in that stand. Why? That spreads their singing across the area. When the away fans are confined to one section the way the acoustics are in our stadium they are more isolated. Last night, no disrespect lads and lasses, but you were drowned out by the Wolves fans.

    Was it the club's idea to put them across that top tier or what?

    And before anyone says well you sing, I was, I was singing on my own and, once again, getting laughed at...... or with I guess. I was definitely getting stared at!

    I like it best (not) when I suddenly yell at one of their players 'get your hands off our (insert player's name)' and the people around start laughing! I can't help it, I get carried away with the match!!
  7. Marvin


    9 Jan 2006
    That's surprising. They didn't sing very much, but when they did it was Very loud. Hardly heard City at all.
  8. Zabbadabba Blue

    Zabbadabba Blue

    23 Jan 2013
    we were in our normal seats in 115, but several of the regulars st holders not in the cup scheme had moved into different seats so we had strangers all around us.
    We tried singing, but were totally drowned out by the loud Wolves fans - credit to them, but when they have the whole tier, understandably they were going to be noisy.
  9. Cheadle_hulmeBlue


    27 Oct 2012
    i was in 114 - just a bit up from the singing section at the front left. there were lots in 114 trying to join in, but tbh i couldn't even hear you, even when the wolves fans weren't singing. you need a megaphone or something so people can hear you and songs are sung at the same time. again as soon as 115 started singing the corner bit just starting singing a completely different song.
    we were completely out sung and i think with the entire south stand lower standing, we should be able to compete. theres just not enough people joining in, more were looking at the wolves fans...... blocks 116 onwards just dont sing and the corner - the loudest i heard them was when they were singing ' what the fcking hell was that". may as well not even be a singing section. you need bigger numbers at the front for this to work better, but also the rest of the south stand to actually join in. Being in the the regular away section our singing end looks tiny, but i was pleased every stood up.

    on another note having the entire south stand lower to city fans and standing looked fantastic and hopefully its like that every cup game. id swap the away fans with 109/10/11 and when we expand the north stand make the entire lower tier into our home end.
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  10. mcfc1894


    16 May 2008
    how many times is this gonna be said!! it can't happen as there isn't enough facilities in that corner for away fans! the bar for drinks is outside of 107 and the food/soft drinks bar is right outside 109. It can't and never will happen

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