23rd September 1989


30 Dec 2007
The back of beyond



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21 Mar 2011
I went to away game on a coach from Stockport the week before. I can't remember who it was against but someone mentioned Brentford in an earlier post. There was a few days holidays to use up from work so I booked time off for the match.

Anyway a lad on our coach said there would be trouble, he'd heard the Rags had got hold of 200 seats, not sure where from. So I wasn't surprised when it kicked off.
You may have gone Wimbledon the week before in our 1-0 defeat. I was there with many others and also a few days later went Brentford away in the League cup another defeat and I killed two birds at the brentford day as I went to a travel agent in London Polorbis a specialist in travel to Poland in them days for an England trips a couple of weeks later. the one where we drew 0-0 and Peter Shilton had a stormer and we qualified for Italia 90 on that night. a very very incident packed trip !!

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