28 Years Ago Today

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  1. happychappy


    22 Oct 2010
    Was the Bournemouth game 3-1 after 90 mins, then 7 mins of injury time?
  2. Mr Ed (The Stables)

    Mr Ed (The Stables)

    18 Aug 2008
    Tap room of the Rose and Crown Rammy
    That was later though 1989ish? Bishop ripped us a new backside in midfield that day and I'm sure that eye catching performance was the reason Machin bought him in the summer.

  3. 95th minute equaliser (Penalty). May '89. Nearly a quarter of a century ago.
  4. waterloo blue

    waterloo blue

    6 Dec 2009
    We went on some coach that had been hired by some lads from Hurst Cross,it should have been in a museum.
    We went in the Trent Bridge at 11 and had been chucked out by 1,a lad who was on the coach tried to grab a birds tits outside as she was stuck in traffic in her TR7.
    She took off with her molester trying to keep up on foot,only one result there and he spent the match with his jeans in shreds and us saying the coppers would be looking for him and he'd be easy to find.
    Had a bit of trouble in the Trap in Glossop on the way back,with half the coach banged up in Notts.
  5. joe salford

    joe salford

    26 Jan 2009
    South level 2.
    Remember this, what a day. Think this was my first away game.Boiling hot day, pissed up blues everywhere. I think we got a Salford van hire transit with the lads off the height. Remember the fences going and a few scuffles with the police etc. Was this the game where Paul Power missed with a header from a few yards out that would of got us a draw?
    Bloody hell im depressed now.....28 years - a frikkin lifetime.
  6. Mad Eyed Screamer

    Mad Eyed Screamer

    26 Nov 2010
    From Moston to Boston
    Just took this off a County website

    Notts County
    Colours:- White shirts with black dual pinstripes, Black shorts, White socks
    League Position:- before match 21st/22, after match 20th/22
    Manager:- Jimmy Sirrel

    1. Mick Leonard
    2. Pedro Richards
    3. Keith Downing
    4. Dean Yates
    5. Dave Watson *
    6. Steve Sims
    7. Mark Goodwin
    8. Justin Fashanu
    9. Alan Young
    10. David Hunt
    11. Rachid Harkouk

    Sub: Ian McParland *

    Manchester City
    Colours:- All Sky Blue with white trimmings
    League Position:- before match 3rd/22, after match 3rd/22
    Manager:- Billy McNeil

    1. Alec Williams
    2. Kenny Clements
    3. Geoff Lomax
    4. Nicky Reid
    5. Mick McCarthy
    6. David Phillips
    7. Paul Simpson
    8. Andy May
    9. Paul Power
    10. Neil McNab
    11. Steve Kinsey

    Sub not used: Steve Redmond

    Meadow Lane witnessed one of the worst incidents of crowd trouble in its' history on this May bank holiday afternoon. With just two games of the season remaining, 10,000 Manchester City fans flocked to Nottingham hoping to see their team claim the final promotion place, a victory for City would all but mathematically put them out of reach of 4th placed Portsmouth (who were three points behind with an inferior goal difference - there were no play off's in those days). Notts on the other hand were still in with a chance of staying up after a late revival under Jimmy Sirrel following the sacking of Richie Barker. Next to bottom of the table County were now only two points behind 4th bottom Middlesbrough. The first half was probably the most jaw dropping first half display I've ever seen from a Notts team, 3 goals in 13 minutes whipped Notts fans into ecstasy, it was absolutely incredible. Then at half-time the City fans decided to start a riot - Fencing at the Kop end was torn down, supporters ran onto the pitch, a fire extinguisher was let off in the County Road stand and fights broke out. Mounted Police were then called in to try and clear the turf of City fans seemingly hell bent on getting the match abandoned. It was absolute chaos and, as it was a warm afternoon, I was wearing my Admiral pinstripe Notts shirt with no jumper or coat available to cover it, I feared I wouldn't be able to get out of the ground alive! The start of the 2nd half was delayed for 30 minutes with both managers making appeals on the tannoy for calm. Notts lost their momentum in the 2nd half and City staged a fight-back as Notts' former England defender Dave Watson limped off injured (his last appearance for Notts), but somehow County held out. The 3-2 result meant that Notts were now level on points with Middlesbrough (who drew 0-0 at home Birmingham) and were only in the relegation zone because of an inferior goal difference (by 9 goals), County moved above Cardiff City who lost 3-0 at home to Crystal Palace. At the top, Portsmouth's win that day left Manchester City clinging on to 3rd place also by virtue of goal difference. The next day Meadow Lane was national news headlines, I remember seeing a big photograph of a police horse tackling a City hooligan on the front or back page of one of the tabloids. Had TV cameras been present, the scenes at the Notts ground would have undoubtedly been added to the clips of shame that were being gathered to illustrate the demise of English football, this incident coming only weeks after Chelsea had installed an electric fence to keep supporters off the pitch (following a riot v Sunderland) and Millwall fans had been shown tearing out seats to hurl at riot police in a televised match at Luton's Kenilworth Road. It would soon get even worse - The Heysel stadium disaster that resulted in English clubs being banned from all European competitions was only a few weeks away, the Bradford fire would occur even sooner.
  7. Mad Eyed Screamer

    Mad Eyed Screamer

    26 Nov 2010
    From Moston to Boston
    Only he didn't ;)

    Mon 6 MANCHESTER CITY W 3-2 17,812 Fashanu 24, Harkouk 31, Young 38, Simpson 66, Simpson 72
  8. Painters Radio

    Painters Radio

    15 Mar 2011
    That was my first ever City game Bournemouth, my old man took when I was 6 years old. That game set the tone perfectly of what the next 20 years following City would be like :-)
  9. Mothball


    13 Jul 2008
    I was there that day, bloody hell 28 years ago!! i feel very old! It was Billy McNeill and Notts Manager Jimmy Sirrell who came on to the pitch to try and calm us down.All i remember is them getting the absolute dogs abuse! Jiimmy Sirrel god rest is soul had a face like a robbers dog!
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