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  1. Father Paul

    Father Paul

    18 Jun 2015
    Maybe. We must match and try to better what the Dippers do over the next 10 games. Their form and luck so far this season suggests they may not drop much. Put it like this I don't think we can afford to drop any more points at home with maybe one loss and a draw on the road max. That will take some doing and may not even be enough. What is essential is that if the gap widens to 7 or more we are probably fucked.
  2. Chi-town blues

    Chi-town blues

    5 May 2012
    I think we are in a perfect situation . Best team thrives on pressure.Everyone is wetting themselves looking at the fixtures but only if football had an eye . Nothing is granted.
    So as Frankie says ...
  3. goalmole


    4 Jun 2013
    The faster the headwind the higher the eagle soars
    Realistic is there's 15 games to go and we're 4 points behind, a lead of 4 points can vanish in 2 matches . I've watched enough football to know that titles are handed out in May. If they weren't then there'd be no point in carrying on watching.
    What the bookies think is irrelevant. Their odds are designed to make them as much money as possible rather than a reflection of what they think will happen.
    I'm frankly appalled at the defeatism on show.
  4. tolmie's hairdoo

    tolmie's hairdoo

    20 Feb 2008
    behind enemy lines, regularly
    I look it this way. If we were four points ahead with 15 games to go, most of us would still be pretty nervous.

    That's despite having a team of serial winners and Centurions.

    Coupled with the fact we do have a superior squad, you only have to imagine what the jitters might be for Liverpool players and cultists.

    Multiply that by 100 with six games left.

    People forget, us winning the FA Cup the year before our Aguero moment proved a major component.

    Liverpool don't even have a recent history of silverware to ease those nerves.

    They are entering deep water and don't know yet if they can swim effectively without armbands.

    For further context, your present Liverpool supporter would have to be at least 20 years old just to remember their Champions League comeback win.

    And upwards of 36 to remember a title win.
  5. Eds


    7 Nov 2005
    If we are two points or less behind them by the time they play the rags that's when the pressure starts to build. In fact the pressure will build everytime they go out to play knowing that one more slip could let us in. I suspect that we will require in excess of 96 points to win the league this year which means we can barely afford any mistakes.
  6. If (fingers crossed) we beat Everton & Chelsea we should be top level on pts with them when they travel to the rags that's the dippers game in hand because Everton was brought forward.

    Just noticed your wrote this 2 weeks ago ha. But anyway :)
  7. David 'El Mago' Silva

    David 'El Mago' Silva

    23 Jan 2017
    If we beat Newport or United beat Chelsea in the FA Cup then the derby gets moved, probably to the back-end of the season. With that in mind, our next six fixtures are all very winnable. Of course we can't take them for granted after what has happened against Leicester, Palace and Newcastle but if we want to win the league we should really be winning all six.

    West Ham (H)
    Bournemouth (A)
    Watford (H)
    Fulham (A)
    Cardiff (H)
    Crystal Palace (A)

    In that time, Liverpool play United away, Spurs and Chelsea at home. Plus the Merseyside derby at Goodison.
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  8. KCblue


    20 Apr 2015
    in goal
    Defo favorable fixtures, but as you said. can't get complacent. Be interesting to see if Klopp scraps the Champions League
  9. MCFC1993


    5 Dec 2008
    Lost the plot
    For a bit of fun:

    Newport (A) - 16th Feb - FA Cup 5th Round
    Schalke (A) - 20th Feb - Champions League R16
    Chelsea (N) - 24th Feb - League Cup Final

    West Ham (H) - 27th Feb
    Bournemouth (A) - 2nd March
    Watford (H) - 9th March

    Schalke (H) - 12th March - Champions League R16
    United (A) - 16th March - It will get moved if City or United qualify for the FA Cup quarter finals, which is likely.

    Fulham (A) - 30th March

    Bayern (H) - 19th Feb - Champions League R16
    United (A) - 24th Feb
    Watford (H) - 27th Feb
    Everton (A) - 3rd March
    Burnley (H) - 10th March

    Bayern (A) - 13th March - Champions League R16
    Fulham (A) - 17th March
    Spurs (H) - 31st March

    Dortmund (H) - 13th Feb - Champions League R16
    Burnley (A) - 23rd Feb
    Chelsea (A) - 27th Feb
    Arsenal (H) - 2nd March

    Dortmund (A) - 5th March - Champions League R16
    Southampton (A) - 9th March
    Palace (H) - 17th March
    Liverpool (A) - 31st March

    Funnily enough we could end up a game behind rather than a game in front due to being in 4 competitions.

    Think this will be the period where Spurs almost, if not completely drop out of the title race and hopefully Liverpool drop the points we need them to. City can't switch off like we have done in the 'easier' games.

    League table on the 1st April prediction:
    1) Liverpool - Played 32 - 79 Points (P6 W4 D2 L0)
    2) City - Played 31 - 77 Points (P4 W4 D0 L0)
    3) Spurs - Played 32 - 74 Points (P6 W4 D2 L0)

    15 games played between the sides in this period and I'm predicting no losses which is unlikely, tried to be as fair as possible but of course anything can happen.
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  10. KCblue


    20 Apr 2015
    in goal
    Kane should be back for when Spurs go to Anfield. Even if they're out of the title race by then, that could be a big help for us
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