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23 Jan 2012
Valley of the Shadows
7 points off the top in early January, 2019. Champions.

8 points off the top in April, 2012. Champions.

9 points off the top in November, 2019...

Many things are against us: injuries, PGMOL..., but we can do it again.

Pep is not one to give up on the league in November/December.

Liverpool might go through injuries, periods of bad form, fatigue, etc. Their fixture list is difficult and the squad not so big. Klopp doesn't rotate as much as Pep, they might drop their level unexpectedly like Klopp's Dortmund in 14/15.

We're now in a much better situation than in April 2012.

Of course, we can't win every time we are in a losing position. But if there is a team that can fight until the end, it's us.

So, can we win the title again? Is that realistic?
We fight till the end


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4 Feb 2008
F**k VAR.
F**k The FA..
and F**k UEFA... (For good measure)

Can we still win the league? Of course we can.

Liverpool seem to win the league earlier and earlier each year.

Let's see where the bin dipping rats finish at the end of the season...


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4 Feb 2014
I think it’s more likely that decisions (perhaps again, depending on your thoughts about the 2015-2016 season) start going the way of Leicester, in addition to Liverpool.

That gives “credibility” (former league winning side) and “marketability” (still seen as the plucky underdog but has a decent hold of the Asian market, with still room to grow) to their efforts to make the league more “competitive”.
That’s exactly how I see it, Leics will benefit with some iffy decisions going their way again, and Lamps will too so they can fast track him to the England job with Slippy.


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4 Feb 2010
Between zen and mad
Closing the gap isn’t the priority right now. It’s not a case of them not dropping 9 points over the season, they will, the issue is can we keep pace with them until Christmas before we can reinforce and look to make up the difference.

We’ve played 2 of the so called top 6+ Leicester so far and dropped 11 points, 5 of which was against those 2. We’re coming into a period where our next six league games are Newcastle Burnley and arsenal away and Chelsea United and Leicester at home, that’s about as tough as it gets. Meanwhile in the same time, Liverpool play palace and Bournemouth away(West Ham away postponed) and Brighton Everton and Watford at home. It would take a miracle for us to keep pace with them through that given our respective starts.

It’s too easy to blame var but the truth is our performances haven’t been good enough. var had no impact on us losing to Norwich or wolves which has been costlier than the dropped points because of var decisions going against us.
Sorry that last bit is wrong,var has stitched us many time,we were 2pts down from the start,we are injury ravaged and have lost vinny,it's the perfect negative storm so far

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14 Aug 2005
you dont have to live next door to me
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just give me equality
'They' don't want us to win it. 3 on the bounce is bad for the product.
'They' want Liverpool to win it as that is very good for the product.
'They' don't mind Chelsea with their young kids or plucky under dogs Leicester being close but not to close, that's good for the product.

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