#7 | Raheem Sterling - 2021/22 Performances


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21 Aug 2020
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Manchester City
He got six goal contributions last month
Proof stats aren't the "be all and end all"...the way he's dribbled and aggressively attacked his man, not made silly passes or played square balls the whole match etc etc. Much more lively and actually played some smart stuff.

He's been objectively better.


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10 Oct 2008
I said before the game that Sterling v Alonso was a key battle for us. I thought he was excellent throughout. Some will point to his recent goals and assists but I thought his performance today was a different level. Great game.

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13 Oct 2021
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Real nice to see the guy enjoying his football again. Genuinely turned a corner. First half of the season he was sluggish, seemingly disinterested, confidence down as low as it could possibly go.

He seemed to shift his mindset a couple of months ago ... I can't remember what game it was, but it was one of the CL group games. Raz came on as a sub and worked his arse off. I think he fluffed three or four chances (in that typical fashion of his -- his final product definitely lacks tenacity, generally speaking), but you could see in his face that the mindset was "never mind, onto the next one..."

Well, here he is! His first touch is looking good again, he's positive, sure of himself ... good on him. I'm well chuffed for the guy!

City are definitely a better team with an in form Sterling.

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