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4 Nov 2008
I've been in 93:20 since the start (CB L2). Traditional routine pre match has been pub - taxi -then stadium about 15 mins before ko. Covid clobbered the pub routine for recent times so spent more time in 93:20 bars. Nice big spaces with TV and views outside. Food is surprisingly ok - never rated any football found higher (except maybe Balti pies at Walsall!) and though expensive, convenient. Service ok too. Meeters and greeters are lovely! However totally baffled about why there has never been a decent range of bottled/canned beer. 7Bros stuff is a start but why not more? "Arena" culture means alcohol (and water!!) prices are always going to be expensive sadly.
Balti pies at Walsall, had the good fortune to sample when we played there during KK's management. Awful 0-0 draw. It was my round and everybody was hungry so I bought solid sustenance rather than liquid refreshment. Recall it being very cold, snow flurries and those delicious warming creations were just what was needed!!

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