A great festival line up this weekend..... (and for the 55th / 56th time....)


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23 May 2004
Still alive here....
Just landed at Los Angeles for a great weekend ahead for this festival.
A bit miffed that Echo & The Bunnymen have bailed out at the last minute, citing "visa issues...." but should still be a cracking weekend as I chalk off Morrissey gigs 55 and 56.....
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'visa issues' my arse. The mickeys will be at wemberlee

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26 Nov 2010
Bombs away on Tampa Bay
Went both days..... didn't have a ticket for Saturday and went outside and got a $159 general admission ticket for $50.
Then myself and @HollywoodBlue scaled a 4 foot fence to gain access into the area where tickets were $799 that included free beer and food (and posh toilets!).

The place was packed with aging goths and aging indie kids as well as many younger ones too. There will be plenty of women who turned up with pale white skin being very pink today!
Was going to do a review on each band but to be honest this report is bang on.

Morrissey was in top form. For a festival setting it was 2 good solid performances - nothing fantastic but nothing bad.
Highlight for me being The Smiths "Half A Person'
Resting up today after two days of walking / standing / jumping fences into executive areas (in fairness Hollywood Blue jumped over in one swift movement..... I needed a leg up and a hand to get me over the other side)

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