A trip down memory lane around Manchester....


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23 Dec 2009
Just some things I remember as a kid.....

Trolley buses on Ashton New Road and Hyde Road.

Catlows corner shop, Abbey Hey Lane, Gorton.

Gorton Cross Street, Wheelers Records, Phil Green hardware shop.

Playing on the big rock in Ardwick Green park.

Messing about on the escalators in Lewis's

Robinson's records, Market Street Manchester.

Beatties model shop. Manchester

Donaldson's sports shop Gorton.

Cookes sports shop. John Dalton Street.

The "Way Inn" Boutique. Third floor Kendals, Deansgate.

Fields where Makro is now in Irlam

Catching the 53 bus from Belle Vue to Maine Road to watch Johnny Crossan etc.

Suggs sports shop at Merseyway in Stockport

Sports Motorcycles, Liverpool Road (Steve Wynne)

Paraffin lamps on the roadside in thick smog

Manchester United programme covers..Shirts Red/ Knickers White.

Fields before Hattersley estate was built.

Wrestling at Belle Vue Jackie (TV) Pallo/ Mick McManus

Sports Motors Plymouth Grove (Lotus dealers)

Godley's TV Shudehill

Mazel's Radio London Road, Piccadilly

Cowan's bike shop Gorton

UCP Tripe shop Hyde

Fields where Wright Robinson school is now

Seeing George Best in his Lotus Europa and Franny in his pale blue XJ6

Paperchase Manchester

Saddleworth/Diggle railway stations

The Jester coffee shop Hyde

Bowers and Schofields sports shops Ashton u Lyne

The "Moon" Disco Dukinfield

The Black Cat cafe Hazel Grove

Rosette sellers outside Maine Road

Paulden's department store

Manchester Exchange railway station.

Ashton and Stalybridge Baths

Booth Hall children's Hospital Rochdale Road

The Embassy Club with Bernard's Rolls Royce parked outside BJM 1

Programme shop on Lloyd street?, Moss Side

Sadly, only the rock left in Ardwick Green Park......:)

Any more memories?
BlueBearBoots said:
Pauldens is now Debenhams?

<a class="postlink" href="http://manchesterhistory.net/manchester/gone/pauldens.html" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;">http://manchesterhistory.net/manchester ... ldens.html</a>
Trocadero in Rusholme specialised in showing Chesty Morgan films.

As a 12 year old I was mesmerised by her name but never had the balls to try and sneek in and see one of her films.
Slightly more recent times:

pissing about on the travelators at the airport when wagging school.

rope swings in the trees on chorlton brook, hough end.

underground market in town. Where Tesco is now? The model shop nearby, I think it's a bookies now. The cold dark bus shelter at the back of the arndale. Full of fumes.

'fun' days on Platt Fields. Getting goodie bags that had yellow and black evening news paper hats and the smelly vinyl Piccadilly 261 stickers.

the temple on Oxford Rd really was a toilet.

drawing life size murals of players on the concrete panel fence behind the platt lane stand. On warm as toast summer evenings Mescki ice cream vans were a welcome treat. I can taste them now from then. But i taste nothing now?

playing on vivid blue and yellow Raleigh bmx bikes.

being called in for your tea/bedtime. No watch needed, no mobiles to check. You didn't jeopardise the trust and that was that.

i loved being a kid in the 80's. Then City, drugs and alcohol came along

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