Aaron Mooy (on loan at Huddersfield)

Discussion in 'Player Performances' started by Falastur, 11 Jun 2016.

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  1. City health warning

    City health warning

    10 Dec 2016
    You are not wrong on that mate:D I still think it's better that he does carve himself a career away from the club, there is no point in him wasting a season at City.
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  2. iHeartCity


    24 Jan 2014
    Australian news saying he is being sold.
    So it's money baby.
  3. cadds92


    20 Mar 2017
    Isn't Huddersfield's record signing something like a million pounds or just a little over?

    Their entire squad I think that took them up only cost £12m, so would they blow £12m on Mooy?

    £8m yes, but considering what some Championship players go for today I would be hoping for a top whack price if I could.
  4. citizenyank76


    16 Feb 2010
    Transfermarkt has his value at 1 milion pounds. I'm sure that takes a bump when he goes up a level? In that case, it's good business.
    Although I would still like to see him on the summer tour but money is money.
  5. Dr Jacoby

    Dr Jacoby

    18 Mar 2013
    I've never seen Mooy play but apparently we would consider bids of over £8m for him.
  6. Glauber Berti

    Glauber Berti

    5 Jul 2011
    i'm sure there were reports of us rejecting 10m+ bids in January, I don't think we'd reject those then accept 8m 6 months later after the season he's had.
  7. TrueBlueOzzy


    7 Jun 2017
    Being an Aussie, thought I might weigh in on this topic.

    I assume one of the main reasons City signed Mooy was how well he performed in the England vs Australia match in May of last year. England ended up winning 2-1, however, Mooy was Australia's best player by some distance and was among the best on ground. He looked perfectly at home against a team filled with PL players.

    I'm sure it's already been mentioned, but Mooy is technically sound, has good vision, great tackling and work rate. What may not have been discussed is his tenacious approach on the pitch. Rarely loses the ball, and on the occasions when he does, he's determined to win it back for the team. If he's 80% as talented as the rest of the City squad, he makes the remaining percentage up with his attitude. There were times this season where City looked flat and off the required tempo. You know with a player like Mooy, he's going to give 100% every minute he's on the pitch as he certainly doesn't take it for granted. Never under estimate the importance of desire - it's often what separates a good player from a great one.

    Mooy made the jump from the A-League to the Championship, which one could argue is much bigger than that of Championship to PL. He was not only able to adapt to the level, but excelled, ending the season as among the best players in the league. It isn't possible for him to have performed any better, playing a huge part in Huddersfield's promotion and winning their player of the year award. With that in mind, what sort of message does it send future and current City loanees if a player like Mooy performs as well as he did, only to be sold without a chance to challenge for a spot in the squad? I think it’s only fair he be given some minutes in the pre-season matches before a decision is made on his future.
  8. billymumphrey


    17 Feb 2011
    Fernandinho talking up our boy Mooy...


    “He’s a really good player, he’s shown his quality to us,” Fernandinho said.

    “We had a game against Huddersfield (in the FA Cup fifth round) but because he was our player, he didn’t play.

    “Without any doubt he has a really good future. He’s really physical and has many good qualities.

    "If he can play with us it will be better, he will be really welcome.”
  9. blue roo

    blue roo

    18 Mar 2007
    Perth Australia
    Well said.
  10. Larry Stranger

    Larry Stranger

    28 Mar 2014
    Yep good post. One thing that Pep likes are things that you've mentioned. Technically sound, good vision and work rate. You never know. If the rumors of Delph being sold and Garcia being loaned out are true then he could be given a chance. Especially since he ticks that homegrown box.
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