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Discussion in 'General football forum' started by Fuzzy80, 17 Jul 2017.

  1. Fuzzy80


    2 Feb 2015
    Looking over in Italy, AC Milan are certainly making a splash in the transfer market, however they are doing this despite not having the highest of turnovers. It looks like it is very much being backed by owner investment.

    Although as City fans we should not have any issue with that in itself, it is what got us where we are today. However, given that AC Milan where one of the forerunners in complaining this was unfair and as such they brought in FFP. Now, they have had the rules relaxed so owner investment is allowed, they can do it exactly the same as we did but without the issues from UEFA/ bad press etc.

    I don't know what City could do or if indeed we should do anything, but knowing what we had to put up with because of the likes of AC Milan it does hit a nerve how none of media/ UEFA are picking up on this.

    Is this what we referred when we said we would let football decide? Now clubs who previously thought this was wrong now see it is a viable model? Are we owed an apology of UEFA/ Gill etc?

    Simply put anyone with a brain cell knows it was aimed squarely at us and none of the clubs were interested in fairness, they are just self-serving!
  2. Jazzman


    3 Jun 2014
    On the latest Forbes list I could find AC Milan was listed with a turnover of 240 million Euros. So far they have spend 190 Million Euros in this transfer window. How that can be makde to fit with the FFP rules, they helped create, is hard to see.
  3. mat


    22 May 2004
    Glued to my tablet
    Nothing to see her move on please.....

    One of the so called UEFA cartel and will be happily ignored.
  4. Kinkys Left Foot

    Kinkys Left Foot

    2 Sep 2008
    Are they in Europe this year?
    Apart from geographically obv!
  5. Don Karleone

    Don Karleone

    8 Nov 2008
    Milan will enter the 3rd qualifying round of the 2017/18 UEFA Europa League and will need to win that to progress to the playoff. If Milan win the playoff, they are put into the group stage of the Europa League.
  6. almir


    16 Aug 2015
    it's not about FFP but better to not open new thread. Biglia just signed from Lazio and on first meeting with Milan fans says - Forza Lazio. Lol, the average footballer for you :D

  7. ancoats


    28 Aug 2005
    money talks
    but it don't sing and dance
    and it don't walk
    and long as I can have you here with me
    I'd much rather be
    Forever a blue jeans
  8. kupest


    14 Sep 2013
    Suddenly Milan have insane money but the talk is about an elite returning to the top. Yeah fucking right when they spend money its about an elite coming back to the top.
  9. ancoats


    28 Aug 2005
    for me the bar as been moved on FFP for others and debt ridden clubs can still do what they want in uefa mini world

    why on earth would you want to stop the money men coming into football at any level it will mean a money go round from the selling clubs knowing they can ask for silly money for players and without players you have nothing so uefa was shooting themselves in the foot if world class players could not move to clubs and play in europe

    i really think the so called big 4 clubs in europe was scare to death of manchester city over taking the monopoly and having all the power and money in sheikh mansour but forgot manchester city was not a little club and when all the plans was put in place and the fan base growing each season world wide the money from sheikh mansour was never going to be needed anymore other than a guaranteed

    the club is turning over £350 million each year and growing debt free and plans for adding more seats to bring the gates to over 60.000 its gone the other way from what uefa and the big so called clubs in europe wanted in FFP its now gone to the point that they have to change the rules again in helping the clubs in the europa league giving a champions league spot making clubs like united take the piss out of the premier league and finish 7th and better off than 4th place club who have to play a playoff game even worst is that clubs now like united can forget the league's they play in knowing a helping hand is always there

    the uefa super leagues of 10 clubs in 2 leagues is only 5 years away in my book and the break away from home country leagues will happen so fast the premier league will be in melt down and sold down the river the tv company's will back the super leagues and show the games from thursday night to sunday night

    4 teams from england will asked to play in the super league and 3 to 4 from the big league in europe also asked to play making about 20 clubs in all in 2 leagues mark my words plans are already in place and talks have been going on for 3 years and the big clubs have already said yes to the super league even taking over the premier league tv plans of games being played on the same day

    clubs from england will have to reform without the big 4 teams the premier league will be finished and the FA will have to take over again sky will lose the tv money from the backers and sponsors freeview like the bbc and itv will be back showing live games sounds daft but mark my words its closer than you think
  10. MillionMilesAway


    14 Sep 2015
    I think there's a 3 year exemption on FFP for takeovers and significant investment nowadays.
    Add that to the impending (although potentially contested) 4 automatic CL group places for Italy, and it's not really a problem for Milan.

    The 200M euros (or whatever) is going to be over 5 years generally, so only 40M euros appears in any one year's accounts (excluding wages, obviously). A year in the CL will cover the seasonal expense comfortably.

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